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        The only reason the Judge found my son guilty without a reasonable doubt… was because the Lawyer did NOT present my CHILD’S  STRONG DEFENSE.

There was / is plenty of evidence to prove MORE than a reasonable doubt. Including the victim named his own son as to who shot him. It’s in the original police report. I have it.

(pic maybe 2004 age 10) 🌟Bryce has always responded well to his treatment plan, medications, especially ABILIFY which started at age 8. IEP/ARD in kindergarten. I have all these records, Florida & Texas. WELL DOCUMENTED.

  My son Bryce was just 15 years’ old when he was arrested for the murder of his best friend’s father. My son did NOT shoot anyone. He was MANIPULATED, -Set-Up- to be -Framed- by the victim’s Wife, and their Son Nick, who wanted their family member dead before they met my SPECIAL NEEDS CHILD, (since birth) my beloved son Bryce S. Vandergrift 01661857 TX. DOB 09-09-1994. (True DOB is 09/08/1994)

  -IMPORTANT- HE NEEDS ABILIFY. Prison provider’s do NOT understand his schizophrenia & deep depression disorder is liken to ASSOCIATED DISORDERS or COMORBIDITIES of his genetic disability.

        Bryce’s Father & other’s were systematically removing our CHILD from his  SUCCESSFUL TREATMENT PLAN. Bryce was self medicating with weed & alcohol, said to be given to him by victim’s wife & son Nick. There is six month’s proof of drug use before being arrested. This child was ripe and HIGHLY  SUSCEPTIBLE-TO-MANIPULATION… Davidvandergrift, Bryce’s father hired the Attorney who talked defense, yet PRESENTED NOTHING to keep our child from being certified as an “COMPETENT  ADULT” and incarcerated for 30-year plea for MURDER ONE.


     They even told Bryce that he had shot the man three times in the chest, and that the victim died in his home. NO… Fred was shot once and passed during surgery at Wilford Hall Medical Center. -Did the defense even know the truth?


I have enough to prove what is in the case file are “falsehoods” to include the wearing a black hoody & all black clothing. If you would like to know more, I would be willing to share this information & those documents. I will answer in private or public. Bryce is NOT CULPABLE FOR ANY PART IN THE STATES CASE AGAINST HIM. The FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGIST for his defense told me so. Her 55 page report was never used to save this child. I have her report. A mentally ill brain cannot handle defending itself against manipulation.

6 yr Veteran USAF To be the Mother of a Special Needs Child has been so very rewarding, word’s that come to my mind, heart and spirit are GENUINE-LOVE

U.S Military Served Six year’s. Top Secret Clearance. My most valued position in my life is being Bryce’s Mother.

THE WRONGFUL CONVICTION of a MINOR in a COMPLEX CASE. Complex due to the amount of lies and law violations against this

  • The Victim’s wife got what she wanted, the house, money, and the truth hidden.
  • Bryce’s Father got what he wanted, his crimes against our Child hidden, and our special needs’ son gone.
  • Nick, the shooter was deemed an assessor and got what he wanted, his dad dead and his mom to get the Insurance money.

– Arrested 12-31-2009 – TX 78251 SAN ANTONIO, TX. Bexar County. Newly opened 436 Juvi court. Newly appointed Judge, who was campaigning for 2010 seat. First murder case for this Judge & Juvi court. DA Susan D. Reed was running for reelection. Separate Bench Trial Plea Deal 30. Nick as assessor / Bryce as shooter & mastermind! Bryce was alone when questioned & interrogated and waived his Miranda Right’s.

At the advice of counsel and other’s in control, almost six month’s after his arrest… Still 15 yrs old, on MAY-26-2010 Bryce was RE-ARRESTED so that he could confess – re-confess? now as an ADULT, to all state’s charges for PLEA AGREEMENT. It took this long to force feed Bryce the details they wanted him to believe, and MORE IMPORTANTLY to parrot it back as if it had originated with him. This was video taped. This Special Needs Child was manipulated before, during & after he was arrested.

I TOLD MYSELF “GET-BACK-UP” The plan was to make me out to me a CrAzY person. I questioned the attorney’s assistant whotold me, “well someone has to pay the lawyer” #davevandergrift was given plausible deniability. He moved back to Florida 2013. I remain in FL and am a low income #femaleveteran.



The Juvi case manager B.H. & The state’s forensic psychologist J.G. made false entries in their report’s to the court about my son. The Juvi psychiatrist passed in 2016.

I was told that when Nick and Bryce arrived at Juvi, after police interrogation, Bryce was DISASSOCIATED and that he was again SUICIDAL. Juvi put him in seclusion and in clothing of material that made him itch. Bryce was placed on Prozac and high dosage of Trazadone. He remained drugged entire time at Juvi. But Nick, Nick was cracking jokes about how his father’s face and eye’s looked as he laid on the floor after being shot. I was told Nick found this very comical.

Lamar Elliot was the family counselor. He told the victim’s wife that her son Nick, had violent tendencies towards his father and to take these warnings seriously. Yet there were unsecured weapons and ammo in the house.

Nick’s and Bryce’s friends told me that Nick tried to get them to kill his father for money. They said Nick showed them a BLACK HANDGUN. They told me they tried to get Bryce away from Nick, they were concerned for Bryce. They said Bryce was under Nick’s control and one of the friend’s walked in on Bryce while he was about to slice his wrist. A psychiatrist report documents attempts at SUICIDE… NO ONE HELPED HIM by putting him back on his successful treatment plan. I was constantly told “all was well, by his father”

A witness went down to the station to tell detectives of the wife’s involvement.

My signature was gotten through false pretense more than once by people who worked for Juvi. I was not allowed to add a PARENTAL STATEMENT. The case manager told me he didn’t know what I was talking about. I bet there is a parental statement with my signature that I know nothing of it’s contents. I have a copy of Mr. David Vandergrift’s PARENTAL STATEMENT, clearly filled with lies against myself and our special needs child.


✝ because he heard voices from not being given correct medication. ✝



To learn more about Bryce, google his name or 4brycesbattle, or read the posts on this ➡WORDPRESS including pages. Check our IG Instagram page

Please return my son to me

*** VERY IMPORTANT FOR BRYCE TO HAVE ABILIFY. -ABILIFY vs HALDOL ABILIFY is important for his mind/genetic disorder just as insulin is important to a diabetic.

-NEWS-CLIP- Lawyer knew & talked, yet in court room said nothing. ⤵2010⤵

-A very DETAILED long version *35 min read

The Victim and Bryce benefited -ZERO- from this, NOR DID I.

Bryce now understands he was set up, then thrown away, he continues to FORGIVE ALL.

Kind Regards, Bryce’s MoM. I LOVE YOU Son, Moms still trying.

thank-you for your consideration, feel free to ASK ME ANYTHING. Ms. Pelletier (FL) I have other link’s that led to more DETAILS of this case. —Please assist me with getting Bryce on correct medication.

He sent me this card from prison about a year and half ago. Son, I L❤VE you to infinity & beyond. I never should have let you go into your father’s care. I could not fathom he would ever do anything like this. 🙏 If help is not coming, Dear God, take my son out of this evil world. 🙏

Bryce S. Vandergrift. 01661857 Texas tdcj

EVERYTHING I HAVE BEEN POSTING IS THE TRUTH. * ASK ME ANYTHING. I have the *ORIGINAL police report and supplemental report.

Ms. Dorothy “MARIE” Pelletier / P O BOX 891152 / TAMPA, FL. 33689

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  2. People ask me who and where is his father. He is davidvandergrift who left Texas and moved back to SaintAugustineFlorida. Bryce continues to forgive him, as it is the Godly / Spiritual thing to do. ✝ Placed in #SOLITARYCONFINEMENT in JUNE 2021, because he heard voices from being on wrong medication. ✝ It’s AUG 2021. Still in #solitary #confinement

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