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– LIST of D O C U M E N T S

List of documents that I have.

1. Criminal History Search on Bryce Vandergrift 3 pgs. Aug 2012. Never in trouble with law before.

2. He signs Waiver of his Miranda Rights. ALONE.

3. Police Report 1 page, Victim C, name’s his own son, 03 Nicholas Daniel Cantu.

4. Full Police Report 40 + pgs

5. Supplemental Police Report 10pgs 07 Jan 2010.

6. Original Petition Waiver Jurisdiction and Discretionary Transfer to Criminal Court two pgs. 14 Jan 2010.

7. State of Texas VS Bryce Vandergrift 1pg no date.

8. Juvenile Docket Sheet 2pgs 04 May 2010 – 16 July 2010.

9. Waiver of Jurisdiction and Order of Transfer to Criminal Court 4pgs 26 May 2010.

10. Affidavit for Warrant for Arrest 2pgs 26 May 2010.

11. Commitment by Magistrate 3pgs 26 May 2010.

12. Order of Commitment of a Juvenile after Discretionary Transfer Hearing. 1pg 26 May 2010.

13. Windham School District 4pgs 10 Jun 2010.

14. PRECEPT 1pg 15 June 2010.

15. All Conditions of Release on Bail 3pgs 18 June 2010.

16. Surety Bond 1pg 2 July 2010.

17. Notice of Appearance as Retained Counsel 1pg 2 July 2010.

18. Case Setting Form 1pg 7 July 2010.

19. Defendants Motion for Continuance 2pgs 9 July 2010 – 12 July 2010.

20. Bill of Cost 1pg 16 July 2010

21. Trial Courts Certification of Defendants Right of Appeal 2pgs 16 July 2010.

22. Courts Admonishment and Defendants Waivers and Affidavit. of Admonitions 6pgs 16 July 2010.

23. Judgement of Conviction by Court Waiver of Jury Trial 2pgs 16 July 2010.

24. Commitment Notice 1pg 17 July 2010.

25. Waiver Consent to Stipulation of Testimony and Stipulations 16 July 2010.


27. I have his 80% of his TDCJ Medical Records. 

28. Four News stories about this case on DVD. One is on internet.

29. Mr. DavidVandergrifts PARENTAL STATEMENT to the Judge. I was not allowed to write one, my signature was captured under false pretenses more than once.

30. My and DaveVandergrift’s Divorce Decree and its amendments DIVORCED 1999 TAMPA, FL

31. Copy of David and Patricia Vandergrift’s Divorce Decree, DIVORCED FEBUARY 2009 SAN ANTONIO, TX.

32. I have all documents – History mentioned in my Letter / post ~A Mother’s Plea~ From birth in Izmir, Turkey to FL and TX –> School, medical, mental, specialist, neurologist, medication social. Names and titles of people mentioned, birth, death certificates and more.


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