It breaks my heart that my son was SET UP framed for murder & then abandoned by the system at age 15. Let that sink in. What would you do if it were your child? I miss him dearly πŸ˜“ Please pray for justice with me πŸ™πŸΌ
Help Save Bryce. JOIN US!
Bryce & I were told it was a capital murder & that he could get life and or the death penalty, the lies are plenty. Including discrediting me as a good mother. I’m told discrediting is common practice. This pain is BRUTAL.
They deemed my child a competent adult. The forensic psychologist report says otherwise. The attorney Bryce’s father hired, never presented her report, or any defense. Davidvandergrift paid the lawyer. I have this report and all documents to backup what I’m posting. PROOVE ME RIGHT! πŸ’”

photo bryce and mom 12-26-2002

theepochtimes drphilmcgraw

4brycesbattle   brycesbattle 4brycesbattle JusticeForBryce

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  2. I think CHILDREN ARE DEEMED ADULTS so they can be given longer sentences and that the funds received for an adult is the higher amount. A body in a cell equals πŸ’°. Crimes are secondary. If they committed a crime at all. If they are even responsible for a crime. Wrongful Convictions are another reality as is mass incarceration.

    I also think children and adults that have mental illness are preferred. Why? I think because they generally lack clear, critical thinking. How can they adequately fight for their rights? How can they fight against the contestant violations against them, they can’t. How can they correctly fill out legal document?

    Many may be spending most of their time in a drugged up state. For almost a year now, my son isn’t writing or calling me. That’s not normal for him. It’s been suggested to me that he’s likely in a drugged state of mind and least we forget they are prescribed more medications. Big Pharm is reality. πŸ’°

    Much of the time mental illness is considered a behavior problem. Thus these inmates can easily be given more cases, punishments which oils the injustice machine.

    One Example, my son is deeply depressed, and was afraid and gets suicidal. He wasn’t taking showers or going to group meets. He has schizophrenia and is DEEPLY DEPRESSED! THE SHOWER IS ANOTHER PLACE THAT RAPES HAPPEN. Violations against the mentally ill are also a reality.

    These mental illness behaviors are looked upon as being negative attitude and a refusal of sorts. The visiin of my mentally ill son laying in the bed crying for me is so very painful.

    I used to believe that we were the greatest nation on earth…
    My patriotism is depleting as is my belief in God. Why can’t I find real help for my son?

    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore, but my son needs me. So I carry on. Trying to find help for my beloved son, my 🌎.

    Thank you for your time.
    Kind Regards, brycesmom

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