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-AUTOPSY REPORT: Jan 01-2010

CASE 2010CR JUV 003 22a / CASE 2010CR 5794B 12-31-2009 SA, TX


QUESTION: If a man is shot close range in the chest with a shotgun, can he get up off his sofa, walk into the hall and walk to the end of the hall before he collapsed by the back stairs?

QUESTION: Can pallets and waddling from a man’s body be matched up to any particular shotgun?

I believe Nick D. Cantu, shot his father, with a shotgun through back of couch cushion, or the black handgun that his ex-friend’s saw him with.
Nick’s mother told police that her son’s were in the room with her. But she told me that she saw Nick on the stairs.

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One thought on “-AUTOPSY REPORT: Jan 01-2010

  1. Dear God, I just want my son back 💔 We don’t need much. He has extensive knowledge in BUSHCRAFT. This is the subject that he ocd about growing up 💕. And we will help other’s. I love you so much Bryce. I miss you. 🙏



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