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❀ πŸŽ‚ BRYCE, πŸŽ‚ ❀ You had just turned fifteen years old when you were arrested and then wrongfully convicted. Now your twenty-six. I Love you. I miss you so much. I will never stop trying to help you and or find help for you. ❀

I am asking for 🌟DONATIONS 🌟

to be able to move close to Bryce. By June 2021.$4brycesbattle

I also have a paypal

Bryce Vandergrift, when he was still in Florida with me, his mom. We were fine. I should have never agreed for you to go to Texas, to spend time with your father David Vandergrift.

*When you have a mental illness, a disorder, you are deficient in something. When you are taking required medication or vitamin supplements good nutrition, you are fine again*

*At Montford Unit, On the phone, my son finally sounds GOOD AGAIN! 😊❀*

πŸ’• still searching for a probono lawyer and or law students to help free Bryce. Name any group or organization etc, across this nation, who proclaim to help people like My son and I, I have contacted them more than once, all they offer is their emailed newsletter. L.I.F.E.

Kind Regards, D. Marie and Son.

🌟 thank~you~so~much! πŸ’‹

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JAN 2021

This week I had to tell Bryce his older brother Brett Ryan Vandergrift passed away, from complications of diabetes. He was 34 and my first child, he was not married, and had no children. I suspect he did not get to his EXSPENSIVE insulin in time, passed out and fell into a coma.

How can people say there is a God? A good God? πŸ’”.

thanks a lot @codeofvets for saying NO, again to granting me $2k. More often lately, I’ve been wishing Bryce and I were dead.

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2 thoughts on “-Happy-Birthday-Son-26!

  1.  🌟 IMPORTANT 🌟

    Six Month’s after Bryce was arrested, the Lawyer agreed for this special needs child to be RE ARRESTED & CONFESS or RECONFESS on video to all state’s charges.

    For month’s he was fed the new story of this tragedy. When he could recite these details back as if they had originated with him… That’s when they had him confess.

    All in the best interest of this mentally ill child…

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