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My love for my son, outweighs my pain.

***U.P.D.A.T.E.D***The reason the then-newly appointed honorable judge found my son, who was 15 years old at the time to be guilty without a reasonable doubt, is because… NO ONE presented Bryce’s STRONG DEFENSE to include, the declaration of a dying man, the words of the victim as he names his own son Nick as his shooter.

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—I am concerned that they will not parole him. keeping him on the wrong medication or no medication, could allow prison providers to have him deemed too incompetent to be released, extending sentence… It’s a business.

QUESTION: Who did this? ANSWER, I can’t breathe. QUESTION: Who shot you? ANSWER: NICK.

NO ONE revealed this or other items that are in the original police report, autopsy report and other report’s.  I have those reports. 

***There are multiple people who said that Nick had asked others to kill his father and that Nick had a BLACK-HANDGUN. These same people say Nick offered them money to kill his father, but that they refused.  All were asked before Nick ever met my son in May 2009 when Bryce was still fourteen years old.  These MAJOR points of truth were never brought up or discussed, or INVESTIGATED.

NO ONE stopped the array of falsehoods in this case. NO ONE allowed the victims or Bryce’s truth to be told. 

FACT: Mr. Fred Cantu Jr. was shot once in the chest as he laid asleep on his couch, downstairs in his home by his own son Nicholas. The victim got up, went into the hall, walked to the end of hall and collapsed by the back stairway. He passed away during surgery at Wilford Hall Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas. 

 Fred Cantu 06-03-1970 12-31-2009 REST IN PEACE Much Respect. A Navy Veteran with a Large exspensive house and a Life Insurance Policy of at least 400k.

I am a MOTHER, ADVOCATE, and a six-year USAR & USAF VETERAN. I believe that the victim’s wife and oldest son took advantage of my child’s cognitive and learning disabilities by exploiting him for their own gain. I BELIEVE THEY SET-UP MY SPECIAL NEEDS CHILD, to be FRAMED for the murder of a man, who is their family member, who THEY wanted dead before they met my MINOR CHILD. They met Bryce in May 2009. The murder was Dec 12, 2009.  I believe she was a Speech Therapist for children with special needs like my Bryce.

ON HIS TREATMENT PLAN, BRYCE IS A SUCCESS. OFF IT, HE IS NOT COMPETENT. Those that took him off his necessary treatment plan, should have been held responsible. What if someone removed your diabetes meds / insulin?

Juvi personnel told me that when Bryce arrived at Juvi, he was DISASSOCIATED. He didn’t know where he was, what he had done, he barely knew who he was. HE HAD BEEN DROPPED OFF BY COP’S AFTER BEING INTERROGATED. Bryce was placed on suicide watch and wearing itchy pajamas. He was given PROZAC and high dosage of TRAZADONE. He remained on these drugs throughout the hearings. The Juvenile centers psychiatrist who prescribed these meds, is the same psychiatrist who treated Bryce before he was arrested. I have these records. This Doctor passed away in 2016.

Once a confession was made, there was no investigation. Almost six months after he was arrested, the attorney who Bryce’s father had hired, had our child re confess / confess to all state’s charges. This was videotaped. It took this long to force feed Bryce the details so he could say it back as if it all originated with him.
A Juvi case manager told me he gave my former husband the name of this attorney.

Juvi persons told me that Nick & Bryce were like NIGHT & DAY. Nick was laughing about how his father’s face and eye’s looked laying on the floor by the stairs. He was mimicking him. Nick found all of this COMICAL

I believe that an array of my son and my rights have been violated BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER his arrest, so that a fifteen-year-old Special Needs Child could be WRONGFULLY CONVICTED.  Truth is Bryce Vandergrift 01661857 was SET-UP to be FRAMED and BLAMED for this MURDER, this documented proof does exist.  

An officer involved in the case expressed wanting to have the wife investigated. He wanted all the cell phones and her bank information, and requested a subpoena via DA’s office. So why was she never investigated? These boys received seperate bench trials and a plea deal of thirty years. Bryce was led to believe if this case went to trial, a JURY would give him LIFE, or the DEATH PENALTY. Nicholas was named assessor, he agreed to testify against Bryce should this case ever go to trial. Nick also has the right to appeal, and an earlier expected parole date than that of my son. Bryce was named shooter, planner, and mastermind. I believe he was given no right to appeal, and I am told in cases like these TDCJ will keep him incarcerated a minimum of NINE more years before he will be considered for parole, possibly in the year of 2029. Bryce will not make it that long without intervention… because the medical abuse he is receiving via prison providers is detrimental to his mind and his life. My son is mentally ill, many mentally ill are never given parole especially if their medications are causing them to further deteriorate. Please help me to resolve this medication issue.  +SEE MY POST ABILIFY vs HALDOL.

Bryce’s attorney’s assistant told me if case goes to trial, the jury will be shown the victim lying on floor in a pool of blood dead in his home. “When in truth, FRED PASSED IN HOSPITAL DURING SURGERY”

***No one mentioned the blood splattered t-shirt found upstairs in the victim’s wife’s master bathroom, a t shirt known to have been worn by NICK, the victim’s son.

In prison, my beloved son has been deteriorating as Providers continue to prescribe the wrong medication. He has been diagnosed with *Schizophrenia and *Deep Depressive Disorder. He is passive. Bryce is now 26 and his teeth are the size of a five-year-old. His skin is an eerie white, almost translucent. It looks as though he hasn’t seen the sun in a decade. What little muscle mass he had, is gone. He has no gang affiliation, or tattoos. He does not do drugs, or swear. He respects and loves me and believes in God. Prison has been extremely unkind to his mental health. I would label the care as CRUEL and USUAL.

He has been moved often due to issues when he is not on his medication and incidents of having been exhorted, gaslighted and physically harmed. In the last two years he has been moved SEVEN times between five units.  I am worried for his safety both physically and mentally, and concerned he will be manipulated again. I am most concerned about the mental health care he has and has not received.

Montford Psych Unit once again helped to better mentally and physically stabilize my son after being in Dangerous Coffield Unit and then back to Skyview Unit’s SOLITARY CONFINEMENT, which cause my son to developed AGORAPHOBIA – HIGH ANXIETY which is not as prominent as it had been. Bryce had also gained back some of the weight he lost while in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT for around five months. I believe he was being punished due to my advocating for him, I am just trying to help my son. A Montford Unit Provider called me and told me she was placing Bryce on ABILIFY, I literally cried thank you! Unfortunately, HE WAS NEVER GIVEN ABILIFY. Montford like Skyview and Clements, continued to give Bryce HARMFUL HALDOL. I’m starting to think they all have stock in this particular medication.

When I visited my son in 2019 at the Montford Unit, I told them I hadn’t seen my son in ten years… they still would not let me even touch his hand. I was told they would think about it. I was given three, four hours visit because I had come from out of state, yet no hugs, nothing, just plexiglass and an old phone receiver. Still, it was so good to see his face again. Such a most strict unit for non-trustees. In my opinion this is EXTREMLY UNHEALTHY, especially for the mentally ill.

While at Montford Unit there have been obstacles in his way to writing letters. Some letters he does not received.  He has not written a letter in almost two years. Two Texas Ministers wrote to Bryce in I believe February this year. He hasn’t written them as the letters were nowhere to be found. I wanted him to have a positive male role model, a MENTOR. Someone that likely does not get mail was blessed.

This was his third time in ELEVEN YEAR’S he has been placed back at Montford psychiatric Unit, in Lubbock Texas. The majority of his years being wrongfully convicted, he has been a G2. He recently learned that if he makes a threat to a cellmate, and a guard hears it, he’s pulled out of cell. Will Bryce be placed in solitude/solitary confinement again? I believe there is little thought to the matching up of cell mates and with the overcrowding you could see three grown men, & one young man in a small room or cage that looks like a space built for one.

Does Prison medical staff know that HALDOL is a HARMFUL medication for someone with my son’s medical and mental history? I have made myself and his records available to them. It was in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL that my son was diagnosed with TOURRETS SYNDROME, and it’s COMORBIDITIES, its in the AUTISM SPECTRUM. Haldol long term will trigger involuntary muscle movements, it has other long term negative repercussions.  Bryce says it makes him feels loopy and sometimes he cannot stop moving his feet. He needs his medication but the correct one, not the cheapest or most ineffective one. Yes, I am very concerned.

The best medication for him is ABILIFY, 10 to 15 mg, it is what he was wrongfully taken off of before he was arrested. I have those records. How long will he be punished for being mentally ill and not adequately interacting with adults and in adult situations?  He’s trying to stay safe. I 100% believe my son is trying to get away from what he perceives as a threatening situation.  Maybe they are understaffed, need more training, or are overworked… maybe all of the above. There are at least two or three adults living in the same small confined room or cell. Overcrowding in U.S. Prisons is alarming, as is abuse and deaths by suicide. A Prison Lieutenant told me he believed Bryce was trying to get away from whatever the situation was. I learned Bryce was hearing voices again. Give him his ABILIFY!

Prison life has my son very well-conditioned.  If you ask him if anything is wrong, he will say he is fine even if he is in fact in danger or needing help. He, like the other hundreds of thousands of incarcerated people existing in cages in large building in the United States, when asked will say “I’m fine” “everything’s okay” SNITCHING is a very DANGEROUS thing to do. In addition to creating problems with other inmates, getting on the bad side of staff is NOT GOOD for you or your family. I only risk it when I am fearful for his safety and his life and believe in my gut something is not right. Someone doesn’t want him to write or answer letters…or talk freely on the phone… WHY? When I don’t hear from him or the restriction are ultra-tight, I can’t stop my worry. I am a mom! In the end a major problem in prison for my son is the mental & medical care is very poor and “the living isn’t easy”

The forensic psychologist for the defense told me that she found Bryce NOT CULPABLE FOR ANY PART IN THE STATE’S CASE AGAINST HIM. I met with her several times. She believed that Bryce had shot a man in the chest with three shotgun blasts to the chest while he slept on his couch. That is NOT what happened. The news repeated this story, articles printed it, people talked about it. My child’s lawyer told Bryce this in front of me, “BRYCE, you shot a man in the chest three times while he laid asleep on the couch”. Bryce nearly tripped over in his chair saying, “OH I did?!” the lawyer replied, yes. Something didn’t feel right. Nothing about this case felt right.

I was told that the FORENSIC PSYCHIATRIST FOR THE DEFENSE found Bryce mentally ill & NOT COMPETENT. His report was never used to defend Bryce.  I was denied a copy by the Doctor and the Lawyer. I know Doc’s name. Reporting several people in authority positions over my child, turned out to be a useless procedure that wasted my time. I turned my ex and the step mother into CPS, CPS turned on me. I am told this is common. Where would I have learned this?

I heard the lawyer tell the Judge, “Well your honor, it looks like my client was the shooter,”  At times in the court room I observed my son zoning in and out and being prompted by key people to answer questions. I was thinking hey, you’re not supposed to do that.  Bryce was very medicated.  The only time I heard Bryce’s lawyer in court oppose anything against my son, was when bail was set at 200k. He expressed to the Judge that he thought it was in excess, and that his client had never been in trouble with the law before.  The victim’s wife and Bryce’s father continued to go along with the charges in this case. I wanted Bryce to plead NOT GUILTY, I wanted him to fire the lawyer. I wasn’t being allowed to talk. HOWEVER, in the court room I did blurted out to the Judge that Bryce’s father was removing our son’s life long SUCESSFULL treatment plan…and that the lawyer was being paid to protect David. David and HIS ATTORNEY, literally turned around and quickly left the court room. This was recorded via a news clip, I have four news DVD’s

Bryce went to live with his father in 2007 because his father told me, if our son lived with him, he would give him more than I ever could. I was a low-income single parent on a veteran funded section 8 voucher. I wanted Bryce to have more. By being in agreement meant, I could get Bryce out of low-income status. Bryce was going to live in a big house with a backyard and a dog named Chip. David said so. Bryce said he wanted to go. I SHOULD HAVE NEVER LET HIM GO. David was well aware that our son’s special needs care started early on when Bryce was three. Our son at three-years old was behind in some areas. Our oldest son, Brett Ryan Vandergrift was advanced and gifted. I took Bryce to the local university USF, to be examined for early intervention for developmental delays. I still have these documents.


He was born not breathing and he had x-rays to the skull at two months old. An Air Force Doctor said he was concerned that Bryce’s skull had not formed correctly and would not close at the top on its own. I think it was a bunch of crap! I didn’t know. Maybe the Doctor wanted clear new x-rays of a newborn’s skull. He got them! I have our sons well-documented history in ALL areas. According to SEVERAL SPECIALIST in Florida, Bryce has a GENETIC NEUROLOGICAL / NEUROPSYCHIATRIC DISORDER. He was being SUCCESSFULLY TREATED for this for years. My son was to be covered under the AMERICANS with DISABILITY ACT. All eyes were supposed to be on him from the school to the doctors. Our son also held the labeled OTHER HEALTH IMPAIRED or OHI, because he cannot be placed or compared to others his age, he cannot be expected to perform as well as they can. He is a SPECIAL NEEDS CHILD.

It was election year. In 2009 the 436 District Juvenile Law Court had just been created by the legislature. In September 2009 then Governor Rick Perry, had a newly appointed judge to preside over the newly created COURT FOR JUVENILES. This Judge was also campaigning in Texas district court judicial elections, 2010. The DA Susan D. Reed was running for office again. She was known as “The toughest woman in San Antonio” & “The most feared woman in town” She retired in 2014. The case against my son and the victim’s son was the first murder case.

I do have the forensic psychologist report that the Attorney said he would present to the judge. I have every IEP and all his school records, I have his psychiatric, therapy, neurology, and more. His medical records from birth till he went to spend some years with his father in Texas, from 2007 to 2009. I have the San Antonio TX school records, ARD, medical history, psychiatric care history and some social history. His Texas Psychiatrist doctor has since passed away. There was a forensic psychiatrist for the defense who found Bryce NOT COMPETENT, He along with the law firm continued to deny me a copy of those records that I am told were in favor of Bryce. I know his name as I filed a complaint against him. The Forensic Psychologist may have a copy. I gave her a lot of Bryce’s history.

Still no mention of Nick’s blood splattered t-shirt was found upstairs in his mother’s bathroom, nor that it appears she went up and down the stairs twice before calling the police. She told officer’s she heard gunshots so she came down stairs to see what was the matter. One officersaid she said that she saw the back door, another officer said she said the front door was open.

Inside the case file I believe there are falsehoods that look real, but they did not happen as presented. If you give me the chance to prove them wrong, I will do it with official documentation and substantial evidence. EXAMPLES of possible falsehoods, to name a few…They took the fact that I have suffered from mental illness,  and used this against me. I’m told the record’s state that Bryce was taken from me by a Judge, and that I am so psycho that I could not care for Bryce. Or that I messed him up. These are the types of people that look down on people who have disabilities, easpecially mental illnesses… that’s what I exsperienced.

The attorney’s assistant told me that Fred Cantu died in a pool of blood on his floor. They had pictures he said, and this is what the jury will see if the case goes to trial.  He said I will not be allowed in the courtroom because they cannot control me. He said they are afraid I will say something about David, Bryce’s father. He said ‘Bryce’s father isn’t on trial here, Bryce is” and besides, someone has to pay the lawyer. Thomas said, I am going to ruin things for my son and get him life.

I believe these people fully knew that if Bryce had gone to the Cantu house… the victim had already been shot by Nick. If Bryce had done or seen anything to possibly be able to turn states evidence, the police interrogation compromised that.  How could my Special Need’s Child be deemed competent & guilty of a plan that was about setting himself up to be FRAMED for murder?  How could he be deemed the mastermind let alone the shooter… Because, that is what those in control wanted, including Bryce’s father and the victim’s wife.

(CORRECTION: he was retiring from USAF Oct 2007. I did not know. I believe he & Step Mother Patricia had this all planned, then she met someone better & left. Turns out that she was a much higher manipulative person that David.

IMPORTANT: My signature was gotten through false pretense more than once by people who worked for Juvi. I was not allowed to add a PARENTAL STATEMENT. The case manager told me he didn’t know what I was talking about. I bet there is a parental statement with my signature that I know nothing of it’s contents. I have a copy of Mr. David Vandergrift’s PARENTAL STATEMENT, I can see where the lies against myself and our special needs child originated.

I did develop and had been treated in therapy for deppression and a panic disorder, but the record’s show that my care of our son is nothing short of earning the title of THE GREATEST MOTHER IN THE WORLD!

The victim’s wife and I talked for months, she said she wanted to help my son and that she blames her son Nick. I believe she said she knew her son did this, then said he manipulated my Bryce. Later I began to think that she was protecting herself. Months after the arrest, the victim’s wife changed from I want to help Bryce to now calling me psycho. She told me my son dressed in all black clothing to include a black hoodie and black shoes… NOT TRUE. She also stated that he came to her house to shoot her husband because he is mental because of me, because I left him. THE STORY – CASE WAS ONCE AGAIN CHANGING. It was not me that left Bryce’s father’s home in Texas, it was his third wife Patricia Vandergrift, the step mother that left them in Texas, not me. This is the younger woman David had left us for, she worked for him.

I have lived in Florida since 1996. We had been stationed in Izmir, Turkey, Bryce was born there. I lived in Texas for Air Force Basic Training and then I stayed four months in 2010 trying to figure out what was going on to help Bryce. I stayed in hotels and rented a room in someone’s home. I have their divorce decree; it was NOT me. Bryce’s father and Nick’s mother continued to go along with any changes in the story against Bryce. Some of the things she said made me think maybe she spent time with my Ex and my CHILD separately. I believe the Victims wife was a speech therapist for the ISD Texas school District for children with special needs, like my son. She has a very small digital foot print.

In early 2013 Bryce’s father & girlfriend Paulina moved from San Antonio, TX to his home town of Saint Augustine, FL. His mother had passed years ago and left him her home. They started a small company that does small renovations in homes. Supposedly bringing in $100k a year. He is not in touch with our son. He has called to tell Bryce that our oldest son Brett had passed away from complications of diabetes in Dec 2020. Bryce again became suicidal and was in seclusion for three weeks. I had received a call from the coroner. She agreed to relay a message to my former husband that I wanted to be the one to tell Bryce about his brother’s death. That I would wait until after the Holidays and request a Chaplin to be with Bryce. David still called the unit.

My first-born sons passing was hard. Brett Ryan was just thirty-four years old. I believe he was divorced no children. We hadn’t talked since 2013, he did not want anything to do with me. After three years of trying, I accepted this. I left him alone. Brett had helped to throw Bryce under the bus after he was arrested, protecting his father and himself…. Simply put, Brett did not like me. I loved him. When he passed December 3rd, I started to drink. I could not get images of him out of my mind. The corner mentioned that Brett’s girlfriend asked for a wellness check. Brett was found on his floor. When I drank, those images blurred. When I woke up at 3 in the morning and I got those images, I drank, the images kept blurring. I did this for two months and gained 20, 25 pounds, I went up two sizes and it felt like I aged two more years in those two months and then… I caught the Covid virus. I stayed in my room for another month, in my bed till my body fought that too.

We Love You & Miss You. We picture you in Skateboard Heaven. #brettryanvandergrift


A detective and technician went to Bryce’s father’s home. It is roughly seven min walk from the Cantu Home. There was no mention of blood found thoughout Mr. David Vandergrift’s house and supposedly the weapon was found in David’s yard. I DO NOT BELIEVE THIS is or was the murder weapon.

This technician gathered black clothing from different parts of the house that had nothing to do with this tragic crime. He took items from Bryce’s room, in a hall closet etc., I believe these items will be in the evidence file as havingbeen worn by Bryce that day. The day that the victim was shot, Bryce was NOT wearing these items. Dressed all in black lends to images of a very dangerous person, a line in a story that has been over used. He continued to be set up so it would look like he was fully aware & fully responsible. My former husband and the victim’s wife, continued to go along with the charges and changes in the case against our mentally ill child, including the continuous talk of pointing the finger at our son, it’s all on Bryce.

The state’s case manager and forensic doctors wrote false statements about my son. Small to large things such as Bryce’s special needs care ended in my care in Florida in 2004, they also wrote that my minor child was 16 years old and in the tenth grade. NO, my son’s educational special needs safeguards have been in place since kindergarten, AND he was in a mental and medical health treatment plan. Bryce had just turned 15 on Sept 9th, 2009. Our son not only failed three tries in the state’s task test, our son failed the eighth grade. They said Bryce scored high in academics in JUVI, looking at his educational history, scoring high is IMPOSSIBLE.  Bryce told me they gave the class the answers -which some parents told me the same thing.

When David retired from the Air Force in San Antonio, Texas… he went to work for the ISD Independent School District. His position had something to do with TASK TESTING FOR THE SCHOOLS. Such as small digital foot print for an educated man who has traveled via Air Force, spending 27 years in the U.S Military.


In 2009, when all his medications and treatment plan had been systematically removed, and the school said he failed the task test three times and needed to be retained in the 8th grade, his father David Lee Vandergrift checked the boxes to remove the last safeguards and checked to promote Bryce to 9th grade, a handful of school personnel allowed this via their signatures. NO ONE CONTACTED ME. When I contacted people in Texas, I was told all was fine. In some of these records and on social media in 2009, my son was smoking weed and acting out badly. I know my son like the back of my hand, I’m an expert in Bryce. Something was wrong, he wasn’t telling me much at all, YET IN THE RECORDS THAT WERE GENERATED WHILE IN HIS FATHER’S CARE… Our Son was screaming for help. Our minor child was also engaging in self harm. Much of this is annotated in the Texas psychiatric and school records, NO ONE was helping Bryce.

My special needs child was still having thoughts and attempts at suicide. NO ONE HELPED HIM. In 2009 Bryce was suspended from school. I know these things because I made a request for all these records, having proved that we had joint custody and shared parental rights. We had changed who was primary residential parent. I previously sent a copy of our divorce decree and any amendments in 2007 to these places when Bryce moved to Texas.


I printed off a lot of our son’s social media presence. It showed that he had been smoking weed up to SIX MONTHS before the tragic crime. I read that marijuana, I think this weed had a name HYDRO, it could trigger schizophrenia in children with Bryce’s disabilities & being PREDISPOSITIONED for schizophrenia. He is in the AUTISM-SPECTRUM, we both are.  His smoking weed is also noted in some of his official records such as school. I told the attorney’s assistant about this, who explained to me that we don’t want the judge to find out because that would get Bryce additional charges. Drug charges mean more time. He also said Bryce’s drug test came out negative. I told him that is IMPOSSIBLE. Bryce had given them his passwords to all of his social media accounts. I begged Bryce for his passwords, he would not give them to me. People in control of Bryce had been turning him against me.  I was very concerned about what further damage Bryce’s father and the assistant would do when / if they got into our son’s internet sites


A witness went down to the station to talk about the wife’s involvement. He said she was giving my special needs child drugs – (I think a type of weed called HYDRO) alcohol, money and new clothes. He said she told him that in a divorce she would get the house or the money.  This witness told officers that the victim’s wife had made statements saying she wanted both THE HOUSE AND THE MONEY. The family counselor, MR.  LAMAR ELLIOTT told Mrs. Grace O. Cantu that her son Nicholas had violent tendencies towards his father and to take this warning very seriously. After Nick and Bryce were arrested, the counselor gave the documents to the DA via some grand jury filed court documents.  Fred, the victim, had UNSECURED AMMO and WEAPONS IN HIS HOME. Mrs. Cantu, the victim’s wife of fourteen years, told officers that she did not know where they were kept. Their youngest son, who was ten years old at the time, told officers where the array of weapons and ammo were kept.

The victims’ wife stated both her sons were with her asleep in the master bedroom.  When an officer separated them, he asked about Nick sleeping in his mom’s room, the youngest told them that it was NOT normal for Nick to sleep in the bed with him and his mom. Someone said Nick kept checking the back door, which also was not normal for him to do. This information is in the police report and another report. Nick told officers his best friend Bryce did this.  The victim’s wife told officer’s that Bryce was her son’s only friend.

In a phone conversation, the victim’s wife told me her son Nick was standing on the stairs.

Previously (I do not know the date), Nick gave Bryce one of his father’s shotguns. 


Nick and Bryce went into Bryce’s room. I am told they shot the weapon into the bedroom mattress. Then Nick took Bryce into the woods out back. Our oldest son Brett Ryan Vandergrift, told me that he saw them with a shotgun and thought nothing of it when they said they were going practicing in the woods out back, at that time Brett Ryan was 24 years old.  Another day one of Nick and Bryce’s friend’s came to visit Bryce. He told me he caught Bryce with a razor blade trying to cut his wrist. Bryce showed him the shotgun and the friend filmed it with his cell phone. The victim’s wife told me that Bryce’s father was dating and would leave Bryce alone for days and alone over the weekends. So, I researched and found David on the dating site… I printed it off. 


Besides Bryce’s rights, my rights were also violated and my signature captured under false pretenses. If you want to visit Bryce, you need to sign here, here, and here. Oh Ms. Pelletier, you forgot to sign this when you were here. I BELIEVE THERE WAS CARBON COPY PAPERS UNDERNEATH. I never fathom anything like this, and generally figure things out too late.

During all this time I received a letter from the VA stating I had now been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. This by a Doctor that I had not interacted on a one-on-one basis with. I didn’t even like her. She belittled a weaker fellow veteran in front of a group of us female veterans. I spoke up about her doing this in front of all of us. I was not going to be in group therapy to better our thinking skills with an instructor that did these things. I knew it was a false diagnosis, maybe so my doctor could prescribe more medications to me in the future? I gave my copy to the attorney because Bryce told me the lawyer’s assistant was looking for anything about my having mental problems that will get the judge to have sympathy for him, and in return it will lower Bryce’s sentence by up to ten years, I gave these documents to them believing they would help my son. Bryce was to tell the forensic psychologist for HIS DEFENSE that I was crazy… and that’s just the tip of it. In hind sight both Bryce and I were being manipulated by pros.

Bryce ends up bad mouthing me during his appointment and evaluation with the Forensic Psychologist for the defense, Dr. Joann Murphy about my care of him while in Florida. It’s in her report. Bryce was echoing his father, such as I had bouts of anger and lot’s of sexual encounters to we didn’t have food in the house. Eventually during my visit with him in Juvi, Bryce tells me the thing’s he told these Doctor’s and he apologizes to me. I believe that after meeting me, this Doctor knew I was -am a good person and Mother, and that I love my son very much.

A common theme in Bryce’s records in Texas between 2007-2009. My former husband David and his then-wife Patricia were telling people in Texas serious lies about me, my personality and my care of our son. They did spread falsehoods to the school, psychiatrists and Wilford Hall Hospital. They lied about my mental state and my care of our son while in Florida. In these record’s, officials wrote what they said as if it were factual. I HAD NO IDEA ANY OF THIS WAS HAPPENING. David had given his wife Patricia power of attorney over our child. No one contacted me to discuss any of this. Some of these falsehoods are written down on these documents. I was also told they were telling people that a judge took Bryce from my care and gave him to them. THAT NEVER HAPPENED. I am a great mother. In 2010 while in Texas trying to help Bryce, I reported my former husband to CPS. CPS wrote {paraphrase} that I lack the ability to take care of our son due to medical and or mental reasons….WHAT? I have this report. Yes, it brothers me because… being Bryce’s Mom has brought JOY into my life.

Our BRYCE’S history in Florida will show the truth. AND YES… I was a low-income veteran on section 8 taking care of my special needs son. I cleaned houses because this allowed me to be there for Bryce and take him with me if need be. YES! I did have a hard upbringing in South Boston, Mass. YES, we live in the D street in projects on welfare. But I pulled myself out of poverty by joining the Military. The military gave me a place to live, meals a paycheck and a shot at a career. After I divorced my sons’ father, I became low income again and needed assistance. We were going to be evicted, the section 8 veterans housing voucher kept that from happening.

Our history will show we had a close bond. Bryce’s full history is reflective of how well he was cared for and how well he was responding, some of this is in a report that was never used to help this child. The Juvi Doctors reports, do not reflect truth.

In a parental statement to the court, Bryce’s father made negative comments about Bryce’s psychiatrist in Florida. David was blaming the Doctor for Bryce’s condition, then back to blaming me. When I read what he wrote it made my head spin. NO, our son’s Florida Doctors were THE BEST! And I am and always have been a good mother. I pride myself in this most valued position of my life. My motherly instincts have not left me.


The assistant told me if I can come up with any time Bryce acted out aggressively or lashed out, that the Judge, will see that he had emotional problems, this will cause her to have sympathy for him and it could lower his sentence by ten years. I was to write a letter about any time I thought Bryce maybe could be construed as acting out aggressively, but they were minor and not many. Except for one time. Because Bryce’s heart is genuine. He is a good soul. Most special needs children are beautiful people with very kind hearts.  

One time when Bryce was about maybe six, he had a meltdown of sorts. He thought he heard the devil and God telling him what to do. For the first time my son was hearing voices. He said that the devil told him to light a fire and that God was telling him to put the lighter down. The devil told him to light the fire and he did. And he had a meltdown. It was at a doctor’s office; we were there for an appoint of group therapy session for our oldest son Brett. Brett was hurt and VERY ANGRY with me for divorcing his father, he became defiant. Bryce and I were in the waiting room. I went to the bathroom and Bryce ran into the office kitchen where BRETT had taken him earlier to see if there were drinks in the refrigerator. There was a lighter in the one of the draws, Bryce must have seen it,. My child had lit the two water spurt knobs on a water cooler. They were melting and gave off a smell of burning plastic and of course smoke. 

I called his psychiatrist and he told me to come get a letter. The letter was to BAKER ACT and that is what happened: After six days Bryce was started on new medication and he was my beautiful, happy child again. Bryce never heard the voices again until years later in 2009 when he was alone in his father’s house and off of his successful treatment plan. My father also heard voices. He had schizophrenia and took his life at the age of 39. I have his death certificate. The lawyer’s assistant had said his name was Thomas. Thomas was again being manipulative, if that is even his real name. It’s my opinion that he was looking for anything damaging to cause Bryce to look like a violent, dangerous criminal and to discredit me…and you got it, psycho and an unfit mother. I’m told this too is common tactic.

Incidentally, Bryce being BAKER ACTED was a blessing in disguise, from then on out, his insurance, TRICARE-CHAMPUS via his father being military, never again denied any of our child’s tests that Bryce’s Doctors, the school or specialists requested for the quality of his health and wellbeing. 


If it matters… On my mother’s side I am Armenian, Turkish and Italian. On my father’s side I am Indigenous and French Canadian. Bryce also has Dutch + German from his father.

A few weeks after Bryce had been sentenced to thirty years, I came back to Florida. I was broke, spent all my savings. I had ruined my credit running up credit cards. I was concerned I’d lose my apartment and car if I did not get back and take care of my own life. I was devastated and traumatized. I went to the VA and they had me go to weekly psychiatric and therapy sessions and gave me 2 or 3 prescriptions. The care was inadequate. I could talk all I wanted, just like when I talked about things that happened while on active duty, it did not get written in my records as I told it. I have been cheated out of at least two disabilities. I also did self-help and recognized that I was in the same state of mind as when my former husband left us. I had again developed a panic disorder.

I used my new hyper focus to try and collect as much about this case as possible and piece it together. I had two bedrooms, one room was for Bryce, It was a section 8 apartment complex. I sat at my sons’ desk for almost three years trying to put everything together and find help. I obviously watched too many movies that seemed to ALWAYS HAVE HAPPY ENDINGS… it wasn’t real, I was lost without my son. I was still traumatized. At the end of 2013, my life started to fall apart.

I became sick over my son and my own tragic position and with what was happening to him. I still could not save him. I was forced to realize that there was this much corruption swirling around my child and maybe many other children that found themselves involved with the law. What I would learn five years later is that the Veteran Health Care medications, along with being traumatized and people walking out of our lives, all of this had greatly diminished my critical thinking skills. I was in a type of fog. I describe the fog in a way that it limits one’s range of thinking. I was alone and became an easy target for people that harass people with disabilities. A quick list of things that happened over these five years is that, I ended up in the emergency. I started dating a controlling man.


HiI had been diagnoses with full blown TOURETTES SYNDROME, I moved into a mobile home, and then I was losing my mobile home. The cops would not stop people from harassing me, breaking in my home, vandalizing my home and trying to steal my car. I became a homeless veteran.

I tossed all my belongings in a 10×30 storage unit and started sleeping in my car. Then I started renting rooms as I had become afraid to live alone. I got in a car crash via hydro planed that totaled my car. I got a new car and the rooms I rented had people in the homes that did some serious drugs and or had serious issues. I became homeless again and again and slept in my car. While on craigslist looking for another room, I saw some post from some veterans warning not to rent a particular room.

I contacted that person. They told me about a homeless shelter in another county. He encouraged me to not waste time and drive the over an hour drive in the night. I don’t like to drive at night. Yes, I had told the psychiatrist at the VA all I was going through and that I was sleep in my car. She would give a sad face and make the ohhhh sorry for you sound. She did not help me. I had learned some time ago to just tell her I was fine and pick up my medication.

I got in the homeless shelter which was partly for vets and partly for civilians. It was good enough to help me, help myself to get my life back on solid ground and get far away from my ex-boyfriend. I was given a small subsidized studio apartments in a building for Veterans. The other buildings were for civilians. It took a while but it happened. I do not live there anymore. I couldn’t stay beyond a year as the area was filling up with drugs. That is all I will say about that. I needed to leave and started renting rooms again. The VA now had me on four medications trying to push to put me on fifth. It was for bipolar; I do NOT have bipolar.

I have been left with the fear of living alone which is improving. And the sadness of people walking out of your life when tragedy strikes is not as over powering, it is just plain sad. Unfortunately, my confidence had really dropped. I had started to develop a deep sense of shame. I learned to avoid telling anyone my real name or what my son and I were going through. If I did, people would walk away, or look down on us.  I used my middle name and a fictitious last named. It kept people from treating me like I had leprosy.

Something changed for the good.

Then at the end of 2018, something changed. People, total strangers would stop me and tell me to try certain nutritional food and supplements that could help with my muscle movement disorder, vocals and anxiety. I had gotten stuck in fight or flight. and was pretty jumpy. It was hard to sleep at night. The meds were supposed to help but instead seemed to be turning on me. I started asking myself why are you hear? You are a waste of air. My own mind was telling me that I was ugly and worthless. These thoughts had come on suddenly, I mean way louder than they ever were. I didn’t want this, I could not afford this, my son needs me. I started to check out the thing’s strangers were suggesting and researching things that were going on in my mind and the meds I was on and alternatives. I watched other’s videos about their lives and what they did to better themselves. I decided since I was pretty much acting like a 90-year-old woman, trapped in my studio. I wanted to go off my meds and try these alternatives.


It took a long time to wean myself off prescriptive medications. My thinking skills seriously increased, some of my energy returned, I stopped putting myself down. It took a lot longer for the fight or flight response to calm down. I was drinking two green drinks a day, taking vitamins and supplements and listening to positive things, these were helping to heal my mind. My digestive system got better. My nervous system is taking longer but it was greatly improving. I got back on the computer trying to help my son. Looking over all the stuff on the internet from years ago. I must have had thousands of emails. It’s been tough. I did not and do not date or go places, good for the budget so I can help my son. I just try to get well and help Bryce.


I realized I hadn’t seen my son in ten years. I felt sad, stupid, angry and more shame. I had stopped going to the VA. I worked through my anger and resentment. My feelings of deep love for my son were filling me up again. As was my fear for him and his future. I still had not figured out the extent of violations against him. I had a lot to figure out. I never let on to my son how hard I was just trying to survive. I made sure he had books from eBay, commissary funds, my letters, emails and phone time. I missed him so much. FINALLY in May of 2019 for Mother’s Day month, I flew to see him. I had asked for donations, they amounted to a couple of hundred dollars. I was grateful. In a previous WordPress blog, I write about my visit. The unit would not let us touch, hug or even let me touch his hand. We had plexiglass and an old phone receiver. Was Bryce labeled dangerous? NOT AT ALL, It was policy. In my opinion, the business of prisons in the U.S. removes any semblance of the phrase GREAT NATION.

I am still trying to get my life & health in better order… I am getting there. I am still a low-income Veteran. I have a car, good background history, no evictions and low debt. I rent a room and though my landlord seems kind, he doesn’t know about my son and I. If I tell him, he may ask me to leave and or treat me like I have leprosy. I stay to myself, sitting in my room from my desk once again, trying to help my son. I do still have bouts of panic when it comes to my son being abused. I need help to get him on the correct medication and I need help to free his beautiful spirit. I haven’t raised enough funds to move to Texas and I am not so sure that is a good idea. I plan to visit Bryce again, and again. I will use my credit card and a couple of hundred dollars good people donated for my visit. I stopped asking for donations because they just don’t come. One really needs someone with influence and power to take an interest in your story in order to help with most anything and everything. Things start to move and fall into place for the betterment of you and your family. The same when I get back in the word with God. I have some internet friends that are some of the best people I could have wished for. THANK YOU! I keep trying…

I request that you seek to PROVE ME RIGHT. 

I am sure that their case looks air tight, genuine, horrific, appearing factual. Maybe not, maybe it’s some real sloppy work, why not, the WRONGFUL CONVICTIONS I have read about seem blatant and epidemic in proportion. I fully believe there are enough materials to PROVE THEM WRONG, problem is I do not know the law… they do, why would this be done if it doesn’t have a high success rate to keep humans locked in cages in big building in the United States of America.

This is a WRONGFUL CONVICTION of a Minor Child in a Complex Case.

Complex due to all the lies and law violations against this child.

Bryce has all the details wrong, including the wrong room. If he did go to the house, the victim had already been shot,  key people failed to reveal this and this CHILD continued to believe what he was being told. He continued to do what he was told to do, to sign, to say. Bryce was alone when he was read his Miranda Right’s and Interrogated. If his father or anyone says they were there on his behalf. THAT IS A LIE.


The majority of the time the person will parrot back what you feed it and say it back to you as if it originated with them. They can sound pretty convincing and possibly learn to manipulate their own minds to please their manipulator. Example, sometimes Bryce will say he just got off the phone with his father and it was a great conversation. He knows his father does not want him to say anything negative about him. Take that along with Bryce not wanting to face that his father does not love him. Bryce knows what it feels like to be LOVED.



-He has a GENETIC BRAIN DISORDER, with schizophrenia and deep depressive disorder, liken to COMORBIDITIES. Several of the side effects of Haldol is masked with Benadryl, and continued deterioration, his history and my family history, genetic disorder dictates to NOT GIVE HIM HALDOL. One SAY OR write what they want in his records or about this subject, this doesn’t make it fact.  CLICK

In December 2020 my son was put in solitude/solitary confinement for three weeks. He was SUICIDAL. This is not the first time he’s been put in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT.

I just want my son back. I need a place to live that would allow him to live with me, there are massive roadblocks for the incarcerated. I will file for SSDI for him. We do not need much, a one bedroom is good, I could turn the parlor/living room into a bedroom. Before I die, I want to help my son start a life of his own, have his own family. He enjoys reading and has extensive knowledge in BUSHCRAFT, camping and living outdoors, he could make videos or teach a class. Bryce told me he would like to advocate for youth. Especially to not deem children as adults, to not place children or very young adults in with grown adults. I know how to get my son well again. I am an expert in Bryce.  

I am asking you to be a part of our HAPPY ENDING, what do you say? please…

—>IMPORTANT will you assist me in getting my beloved son back on ABILIFY, and sent to a minimum security NON psychiatric unit.  On his correct medications, My son can function with other —>G2 responsible people In a CAGE… in a prison in the United States of America.

There are three psych units in Texas. Montford, Skyview and Clement. My son has been to all three. I have nothing good to say. Did you know that at Montford, the mentally ill (non-trustee camp) I’m told they are not allowed to watch tv, listen to a radio or go outside. They can read books and that is basically it.  Wow! that would drive normal people to go insane, what could it do to the mentally and severely mentally ill human beings? What did Skyview Unit do… They placed my severely mentally ill PASSIVE son in solitary confinement for almost five months. He developed AGRAPHOBIA.

CLEMENT UNIT is in Amarillo, TX. I’m told Bryce is in Mr. Holloways Pod ECB. Families tell me that inside the cages, in this pod, there are no windows. No windows to look out of, none in the  halls, tv room, nowhere. He has a job as a janitor, sweeping & mopping 7am till 5pm.  He was calling me almost every day until they put him to work. Talking to me helps him. If Bryce does not take his daily medication, the correct medication & dosage, he will hear voices. The voices usually tell him that people are hurting his mom. He will believe he hears me crying to him to please help me. He is passive, but not if he fully believes you are hurting his mother. We would die for each other.

Please assist me in getting Bryce on correct medications.


ORIGINAL CASE 2010 CR JUV 003 22a / arrest date 12-31-2009 / POLICE REPORT 090979792          SID 1128131 -1187996 – 943202 / DOB 09-09-1994 Bryce S. Vandergrift.                                                   NEW NUMBERS COUNTY CHANGES CASE 2010 CR 5794B / ADDED FALSE or REDID ARREST on 05-26-2010 / OFFENSE F1 MURDER FIRST DEGREE 09990019 / SID 08508535 / TDC 01661857.        DOCKET A 12533 / a3840 INTERNAL AGENCY PERSON NBR 943292.                                                            “FALSE” HABITUAL OFFENDER WAS ADDED. Bryce has never been in trouble with the law.                    CERTIFIED AS ADULT 05-26-2010 /

ATTORNEY HAS BRYCE CONFESS – RECONFESS? to all states charges 06-2010.  SENTENCED – PLEA DEAL 30 YEAR’S  07-16-2010 Bryce believed that if this case went to trial, he would get LIFE or the DEATH PENALTY.  Atty Cantrell  

Nicholas Daniel Cantu 08508828 / 01658805.  Atty J. Wheat.  785225

NOTE: There are times when Bryce will say he is fine, he may say “I’m a tough man, no one bothers me, I can hold my own” he’s quite believable.  He WILL protect himself and his property unless he is outnumbered.  It’s the schizophrenia, he seldom if ever recalls what was happening during his psychotic break downs and some of the event’s he thinks really happened, yet they did not happen.  Appearing weak is a very unsafe position. It’s a lot to decipher in knowing why many incarcerated people have different sides to them on any given day.  They have been TRAUMATIZED. 

INCARCERATED LIVES MATTER. FREE THEM ALL! There are many more dangerous people living in the FREE WORLD in the United States, than in our country’s prisons.

ABILIFY vs HALDOL -ABILIFY vs HALDOL Bryce’s Medication Needs / HIs Genetic Disorder / Family History

FOX NEWS <— none of this was used to defend Bryce, JUST attorney talking about it.

B R Y C E    Bryce first time in solitary confinement

There is more to this story and I would be glad to share it with you. A lot of questions can be answered via the WordPress post. I think there are possible 22 post. 



Kind Regards, Bryce’s MoM. Will you be a part of our HAPPY ENDING?

-Ms. Dorothy “MARIE” Pelletier / P O BOX  891152 / Tampa, FL. 33689

-Bryce S Vandergrift / Clements Unit 01661857 / 9601 Spur 591 / Amarillo, TX 79107 / 806-381-7080

This post was accepted on #OpEdNews via #robkall . I have since removed the Reps name as he did not help us.   -I am in fear for m y sons life at Coffield Unit TX My ORIGINAL TITILE WAS “Prison is quietly destroying my son”

please return my son to me….

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