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-Skyview Unit will be the death of my son

Help Save Bryce
πŸ’”He was supposed to be protected under AMERICAN’S WITH DISABILITIES ACT πŸ’”
FRAMED for Murder via the Victim’s
Wife & their Oldest son.
Bryce Vandergrift 01661857 9-9-1994
My beloved son Bryce, “Ace” living in a cage in a Texas prison.

VIOLATION OF EIGHTH and FOURTEENTH AMENDMENTS RIGHTS. By acting with an evil motive or intent, or with reckless or callous indifference.

A list of professional persons in the state of Texas, that I have requested assistance from,Β  for my son in this ongoing matter. The list includes those that ignored my pleas for help to save my son and those that misdirected me, gave me the run around and or flat out lie.

πŸ’° $1,273.80 = RECEIVED EVERY 30 DAY’S
πŸ’° πŸ’° $3,697.80 = EVERY 60 DAYS, “OR”
SEGREGATION CELL. aka the hole.
FOUR MONTHS = OVER 7K tax payer πŸ’°

GO LOOK AT MY SON AND SEE FOR YOURSELF. They REMOVED HIS SCHIZOPHRENIA DIAGNOSIS “AGAIN” AND PUT HIM IN THE HOLE,Β  Mid DEC 2019- Bryce also has MAJOR DEPPRESSIVE DISORDER. They then diagnosed him with “SEVERE PSYCHOSIS.” I express that psychosis is a SYMPTOM of schizophrenia. It runs in my blood family.

They seriously do not appreciate when you advocate for your child, they take it personally.Β  I’m just trying to save my child from dying at the hands of ADULTS.Β Β 

Bryce has been a G2 for years. I suspect this unit will attempt to build a false BEHAVIORAL disciplinary case history against my son. Somehow Bryce will be blamed. He’s conditioned to reply with… I’m okay.

If an inmate speaks out about any form of abuse by those who have power over them… that inmate WILL BE TAUGHT A LESSON… he will wish he was dead.Β  I KNOW HE WISHES HE WAS DEAD. HE IS SUICIDAL.


I’m being told by TDCJ, that it’s UTMB medical and mental health staff who are AGAIN removing Bryce’s diagnosis. I can’t be sure because, with this diagnosis removed, it’s TDCJ STAFF that will BENEFIT by removing him as needing protection, and staff isn’t required to check on non-schizophrenic as often.


Bryce is a PASSIVE 25 yr. old young man, who is being placed under brutal conditions “ON PURPOSE” by TDCJ Staff. When will Skyview-UTMB mental/medical staff report this, and or INTERVENE? UTMB website gives a list of items that lead to suicide. Yet it’s acceptable for TDCJ to force inmates into a SUICIDAL MINDSET.

He now has AGORAPHOBIA because of being in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT & consistently mistreated.



He has now dropped “A LOT” of WEIGHT from these SERIOUSLY DANGEROUS NON-STOP-RESTRICTIONS & PUNISHMENTS & removal of his true diagnosis…


My son is at least 6’2 ft tall and now under 150 pounds HIS TEETH are now the size of a five-year-old. HIS SKIN IS TRANSLUCENT WHITE from LACK of NUTRITION & LACK of SUN. HIS EYES LOOK SUNKEN IN. Just twenty-five-years old and he’s dying.

Bryce Seton Vandergrift 01661857

I’m still trying to find out if his commissary funds have been stolen.

  • ***waiting for reply or call ***
  1. -Skyiew Wardens Secretary
  2. Ombudsman 50+ emails over a year. Ombudsmen’s unwillingness or inability to assist my son, has compounded his deterioration. This office redirects me, no matter if I contact who they suggest, that person says we don’t handle that here. It’s A GAME
  3. Sky Therapist Ms. Green ***
  4. Ten emails to TX Gov ***
  5. Five emails to FL Gov
  6. Organization across USA
  7. Worldwide Reporters ****
  8. Sky Stephanie R. Belcher ***
  9. Capt. Dobson
  10. Sky Capt. Rogers/Roberts ***
  11. TX ACLU & similar groups in Texas who NEVER response.
  13. Heads of Texas Prison.
  14. Marie Dahlamann open records.
  15. TX State Senators, Representatives
  16. Huntsville Debra Gibbs
  17. U.S. & TX attorney generals
  18. To be continued. Work in progress: TOO MANY TO LIST.

April 8th 2020, I contacted someone outside of Skyview, within hours Skyview unit told me my son was off restrictions, out of the hole and he was now in a group therapy and has his own cell in the dorms…. *That lasted a day.*


Humans like Bryce cannot defend themselves. Not mentally or physically.

4-18-2020 Restrictions remain, he is still in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT or AdSeg, Segregation, It is also called nicer sounding names. They placed him on strict restrictions, even restricting showers and drinking water. His Deterioration has exhilarated since SKYVIEW entered into his life. No tv, no outside, no socializing, no phone calls or commissary, no visitors, a small amount of food passed through a slot in door…NOTHING! He was kept in hole for hours, days, months and it continues.

In Dec 2019, a reporter wanted to interview him. She didn’t get to do that.

To be continued

I want my son alive and well. I want my son to come HOME, so I can get him well again.


baby, please hold on. πŸ™


So many FAMILIES have warned TDCJ, that their incarcerated loved one is in danger, the PRISONERS can’t take anymore ABUSE they become SUICIDAL from the constant MISTREATMENT.

IMO OMBUDSMENS DUTY IS TO PROTECT TDCJ STAFF. I’ve been emailing them non-stop! They look at your email and send a respond back in a letter which reads: OFFENDER SAYS HE’S OKAY or HE’S FINE. You know & TDCJ knows he’s suffering… UTMB knows, SO MANY UNNECESSARY-DEATHS.


I believe Skyview Personnel want to seek REVENGE against me for a letter I wrote on OpEdNews PRISON IS QUIETLY DESTROYING MY SON. NOTE: In original post I addressed it to a TX State Rep, who did nothing to assist me.

I’m told that someone read that letter and had my son removed from dangerous COFFIELD-UNIT where he was also put in AdSeg = SOLITARY-CONFINEMENT. Bryce was reassigned back to SKYVIEW. I heard COFFIELD-UNIT just had ANOTHER-SUICIDE in their AdSeg solitary confinement cell.

Please help save Bryce.

I request that my son be removed from Skyview and placed back to MONTFORD UNIT, Lubbock Texas. Montford had a similar incident years ago. A 27 yr old died under the same circumstances. I’m told they have not had another incident since. Move him to a hospital, somewhere SAFE!


Where are my fellow Veterans. I’m calling SOS

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11 thoughts on “-Skyview Unit will be the death of my son

  1. What’s this blog? Please tell
    I am quite afraid to scroll more posts. 😨😱

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      It’s called a wrongful conviction. It happens all over the world but highest amount in the πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ.

      It means people are being put in prison for things they did not do. Unless you are wealthy and or have power/influence… If you are, your imprisonment is 90%shot lived.
      Injustice destroys people and their families.

      It would be good for you to read and to warn others. Most humans do not know about this until it happens to them.

      Each body in prison brings in tax payer funds. It IS first about money.
      It is happening to the middle-class to the poor. It is evil. It is destroying my beautiful son and my life also.

      If people with money and influence do not help us, it is highly likely my beloved son will die in prison and me along with him.

      Hard Lesson… Just because organizations state they help people such as my son and I, doesn’t mean they actually do that.

      You have to have money or favor
      of benevolent people. πŸ’”

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      • I am sorry to hear that. Our text book on political science had an example where a similar thing happened. An Arab child’s father was imprisonment without any proof. Heartfelt condolences.
        USA seems to me is not at all a very well civilised country to me now.

        Even in the case you learned about of the father being imprisoned. It happens WAY MORE THAN WE KNOW.

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        • thank~you… I think with the people all over the world expect to be the better example… Instead the USA incarcerates more humans than any other…. It is a national disgrace. My heart aches for my son. Be aware… That is all you can do. It’s hard to wrap one’s head around it. I worry for his life every day. As do other’s worry for their loved ones It’s brutal.

          There are a lot of entities that seem to assist those like my son and others, thus far, I’m only being asked for donations. And added to receiving email newsletters. Many families tell me the same holds true for them.

          Some of us are attacked for having sympathy for those locked up. Locked away in an array of institutions for different reasons, yet all collecting tax funds. We have the ability to have sympathy for many, for those innocents, guilty and the victims too. There are more victims all around. Yes, there are cases if having empathy is HARD TO HAVE. But I believe those cases are the few, not the many. The injustice systems know.

          I don’t agree with the death penalty. Again, in some cases it is extremely difficult to have any feelings or sympathy.

          We kill people who may or may not have killed people, for killing people? Many of those who make these life and death decisions… Who are they to be experts for such a monumental decision? I also find the actual death penalty process to likening to a sadistic sport.

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        • I understand. It’s hard for a mom to live without her son beside her.

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        • My love for my son, outweighs my pain. This destructive force against families is brutal.

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        • I’m going sleep now. Best Wishes. Yes, my son is my heart πŸ’•

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        • thank~you 🌷


    • I wish I could say all one has to do is this or that and they can avoid this hell on earth. These entities that hold people such as jails, detention centers etc. with an array of different names…

      If you are wealthy, then you can avoid this and or serve a very short time in hell. A wealthy person could give my son and I back our lives, but I think they very seldom help anyone. I guess because my son and I must be valued at less than zero.

      To the prison industry, my beautiful son is a commodity. A FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGIST said Bryce is not guilty or culpable for any part in the state’s case against him. His attorney never let her come to the court house or present her report. He did not present Bryce’s STRONG DEFENSE, Bryce’s father David, paid the lawyer.

      Bryce Vandergrift. 01661857

      This happens to other people. Do you want to know why? Because there are bad people in this world and they do bad things to unsuspecting good souls.


      I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t have a document to prove it. All the documents in the world mean nothing… If those in control are bad souls who harm good souls.

      Do I sound wounded? I am πŸ’”


      • Why do they exactly want to arrest innocent people?

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        • imo I believe for an array of reasons. And not all are 100 % innocent but they are NOT all guilty as charged either. If they have a defense, it’s not being used. If there is evidence, they did not do what they are charged with, it’s being hidden or evidence to exclude them is not bothered to be collected. Crimes will be added that have nothing to do with person. Someone else may be at fault but they are not charged.

          It’s a business. Every incarcerated person, tax payer funds arrive. If you don’t spend all allocated funds on that person… There is money gained.
          Free to cheap labor.
          Getting the families to send prisoner money to buy paper, pencil, food, snacks, take classes ( if offered) buy a bar of soap, make phone calls. These are things that inmates and their families get charged for. And a tiny bar of soap could be highly priced. Profit, business.

          An array of ways to use bodies as commodities. 😒 it is a crying shame.

          These are my experiences, opinion and those of other’s directly involved.

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