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DESTROY: = SOMEONE ELSE’S CHILD/FAMILY and at times… they do it to their own.

BEFORE YOU CONTINUE, I am requesting that you PAUSE, and look upon inmates as HUMAN BEINGS

My son, an inmate in your prison is

After almost ten years of constant communication, my beloved child is no longer calling home, or writing. My fear is that he will continue to deteriorate. The forensic psychiatrist and psychologist said he would. Their reports were never presented to the newly appointed Judge. Convicting my son was all that mattered. Bryce was just fifteen-year-old, a special needs CHILD since birth. The crime was / is in for MURDER.

Bryce did NOT shoot his best friend’s father. That’s in the police report. Nor is he CULPABLE for this murder. The forensic psychologist told me so. In fact, the news dubbed this story MURDER or MANIPULATION. Bryce was easily manipulated. After San Antonios Yami Virgin FOX29 news at nine aired this, SUDDENLY DEAD SILENCE ON BRYCE BEING MENTALLY ILL. My son was set up to be framed. He was a game piece. IT WAS NOT A FOOL PROOF PLAN, yet those who used and harmed Bryce, are still free, and the shooter NICHOLAS D. CANTU, the victims own son, was deemed an assessory to the crime. His mother, the victim’s wife, collected the LIfe Insurance money, and Bryce’s father went back to his house with plausible deniability.

CONVICTION is all that mattered. He’s now 25 and yes, he’ll always be MY CHILD, MY SPECIAL NEEDS BABY, MY BELOVED SON. Bryce is a handsome young man, a life wasting away. Will he ever get married? Will I ever have a grandchild? His body sits in a bed, for the sole purpose of bringing in tax payer funding.

In my care here in Florida he was fine. Shortly after moving to Texas, to spend time with his father, Bryce ends up in Prison. All well documented. I know other states do the same thing to it’s citizens but in Texas there is an actual saying, come to Texas on vacation, leave on probation. The United States is the Prison Capital of the WORLD. THIS IS NOT SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF… It is to some. I was told that the Highest-Conviction-Rate is like a notch on someone’s belt.

Prison is destroying him, destroying me. His father and our older son Brett had abandoned Bryce, years ago.

He is currently at the Skyview Psych Unit, I have called them and each time I’m told Bryce is free to call or write to me. I don’t know what to believe anymore. He’s NOT calling or writing. He has received letters from TWO very ATTRACTIVE WOMEN, one all the way from IRELAND! and he’s NOT responding? Do you know what that is? That there is A MASSIVE RED FLAG!

Maybe he’s not receiving any of my Jpay emails, letters, books, magazines, photos and or cards that are being sent to him. This would further his deep depression, and harm our strong bond. It will increase his desire to be dead. WHY IS MY SON NOT CALLING ME!!!


1. DEATH-SUICIDE-MURDER-He is DEAD via SUICIDE or Murdered by another inmate or by prison personnel BLUNT-FORCE.

2. MALNUTRITION– He is too weak due to the LACK of NUTRIENTS because the food is worse than what is served a STRAY CAT. And or because he’s being fed two small meals a day, such as a baloney sandwich, a chocolate chip cookie and a cup of contaminated water.

3. RAPE-SNITCH-INMATE VIOLENCE- He’s been GANGED-RAPED and knows if he SNITCHES, it will only get worse. If you SNITCH, you’re going down, DOWN into THE BOWELS of HELL. I’ve heard first hand and second hand accounts of weakened inmates like my Bryce, being knocked out and raped, then sent somewhere to have their rectum stitched up, only to be raped again and again as in PIMPED OUT for food, favors, drugs and more.

Is this what is meant by OUTSOURCED VIOLENCE? This system, that is unable or unwilling to protect an inmate from inmate assaults. Apparently, these acts of violence are only “NOT” okay, if they are done OUTSIDE of prison. Inside is another story.

By now Bryce knows there is NO GUARANTEE that reporting RAPE is going to solve the problem. Besides the fact you would now be known as a SNITCH, it’s my understanding that PREA reports are very carefully look over, or carefully OVERLOOKED, this is done in order to keep statistics down.

4. INCOHERENT– HE is INCOHERENT from repeatedly BANGING HIS SKULL up against The CONCRETE WALL, because of the mental anguish and or he just wants to be DEAD instead of being DEHUMANIZED and CRIMINALIZED because he was born PREDISPOSITION FOR SCHIZOPHRENIA, and he has schizophrenia. Managed with medications.

5. EXTORTION-He is being EXTORTED. All his phone funds and commissary funds are GONE.


6. GOVERNMENT-FUNDS-PRISON PERSONNEL want Bryce’s thirty-year sentence to be IMPRISONED for LIFE, for the sake of THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR BILL. πŸ’° Thus they have cut his ties to the outside world. Is this part of the FIRST STEP ACT? I have witnessed Laws do the OPPOSITE of what they are supposed to do.

7. BRAINWASHED– He’s once again been brainwashed to go against the only family member left that LOVES HIM, HIS MOTHER.

D-E-C-A-D-E-S. Is my son in one of these isolated spaces?

9. HE HAS BEEN MOVED– Has he been moved out of SKYVIEW MENTAL HEALTH UNIT? Is he now in an undisclosed location? Where is my son? WHERE is MY SON!

10. THE EMERGENCY ROOM AT A LOCAL HOSPITAL– Has he been sent by ambulance back to the Emergency Room? Is he okay? Is my son alive? IS MY SON ALIVE!

11. INCORRECTLY-DIAGNOSED-Did you change his diagnosis? From what I know, the mental health care is way below any viable standard. Precription drugs are plentiful. Inmates with schizophrenia are NOT supposed to be placed in the LARGER more DANGEROUS UNITS. They did this to him twice before. I’m surprised he’s still alive.

IN ENDING THIS POST, I ASK OF YOU ONE LAST THING. PAUSE… Think about my Bryce and others, think about me as a parent. NOW picture yourself, and YOUR LOVED ONE in our place. This could happen to anyone and IT IS happening. To those that know and live what my son and I are trying to survive… It is hell on earth.


PLEASE HELP ME TO SAVE MY SON. Or share our story. Drop him a letter in the mail… please.

I have thought about making videos whereby I am talking about Bryce’s tragic position. I haven’t because a lot of the time, I just cry. The cruelty that’s flourishing in PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, is trying to crush my beloved son and I. πŸ’”

I appreciate your time & consideration. Kind Regards,
Bryce’s-M❀M msdmariepelletier

PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX : GIVE ME BACK MY SON! Let me get him well again. I am familiar with this disease. My father had schizophrenia, he took his life at age 39. I have his death certificate that proves this.

Kind Regards, Bryce’sMoM msdmpelletier. πŸ’”

If anything happens to me, please write to my son and tell him how much I love ❀ him and that I never stopped trying to find him help. I would die for my son.

Bryce, I LOVE YOU to infinity and beyond. Love Your MoM. Always remember that being your MoM has been my most VALUED POSITION in my life. OxO ❀

Bryce S. Vandergrift
Skyview unit 01661857
379 FM 2972
Rusk, TX. 75785

🌟 UPDATE: All letters are to be written on PLAIN, UNLINED SOLID WHITE PAPER or solid construction paper. TDCJ will no longer accept greeting cards. *in future, you will have to purchase greeting cards through a private retailer that TDCJ will announce at a later date. πŸ’°PROFITπŸ’°

SOME recent interesting ARTICLES






NOTES: If you want to know more about prisons and or mental health. I find it best to take time to research the subject. There are lots of places you can hear firsthand stories from inmates and or their family and friends and other’s.

Some things sound absurd because they are ABSURD. Such as Texas holds the gold standard for Mental Health Treatment… On the other hand, some stories sound ABSURD, yet they are TRUE. Such as There are more mentally ill, severely mentally ill people incarcerated than are in
any hospital or place in the entire United States. This business is no longer first about any crime, real or fabricated. It’s first about getting those πŸ’° funds, free to cheap labor and destroying families.

In my opinion, the main reason children are deemed competent adults, is because the funding is higher for adults, they can toss out rehabilitation and can give them longer sentences.

KARMA? NO. The rain falls on the Just and the Unjust.

🌟Dear Fred Cantu Jr. RIP as always, Much Respect.
A NAVY VETERAN. This case was not about a victim, it was about convicting.

Shortly after he passed, before the case was finished in court. His wife Grace O Cantu collected the Insurance Money. A witness told police that she said in a divorced, she’d get the house or money. He told the officer she wanted both.

DEATH IS BETTER THAN, HELL ON THIS EARTH A LIFE OF SUFFERING. The thought that there really are people who enjoy watching or even just knowing people are suffering like we are… they are LEVITHAN. This is how I view the prison industry and my son’s earth father davevandergrift. Yet like our son brycevandergrift, I am compelled to continue to forgive as spirit directs us to.

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  1. sometimes I lose track of days and time. I believe March 2nd & 3rd, I had mass emailed around 255 copies of my latest post titled BRYCE. I editing it 4 or 5 times-

    I received an email March 2nd from a Captain James Dobson, around 4:30 pm. ( I can’t confirm name.) Message said he’d be glad to have offender Vandergrift call, asked for phone number. I didn’t see email msg till after 5pm. I messaged phone number, he responded.. will call on 3rd. Asked me what’s a good time. I said nine AM.

    On 3rd 9:05 my time 903-683-9643 Captain called me and told my son pick up phone. Bryce says ” Mom I’m fine, I have to go. HE’S ALIVE!!! ❀. I try to talk to him but he is saying the same things. Mom I’m fine, but I got to go Mom. Hearing him say my name MOM is so comforting. I try to talk again; my son says I got to go and he hangs up. He sounded horse but mostly REALLY TIRED.

    The captain says to me… “You see, he doesn’t want to talk to you.” I said “NO that’s not it, the prison did that.” He says well he hung up on you. I said it’s like I said in my letter. The prison wants to break his ties to outside world. They don’t want him to leave because of those tax payer funds. I asked why am I constantly being told he’s free to call or write but he’s not. He says he’s a level one. (I’ll have to look that up.) I couldn’t tell if the captain was being mean spirited or he was just as miserable as my son and I.

    Captain says I can talk to his counselor about that. I think he said Ms. Ellis? I said what are the odds she was going to tell me the truth. I wasn’t going to let him hear me break down crying over my son. I believe Ms Ellis, (correct name?) this is the woman in December who told me Bryce has deep depression & sever psychosis. I told her that sever psychosis IS A SYMPTOM of schizophrenia. He has schizophrenia and you know it. I believe questioning her expertise and my knowledge of schizophrenia, p.i.s.s.e.d her off. I’m so SICK of this!

    Maybe he’s not being compliant going to group therapy? LISTEN it’s all about money and punishment. Any crime real or fabricated is secondary. I also believe prison receive more funds if inmate is in therapy.

    🌟I am still VERY glad he’s out of Dangerous Coffield Unit! I’m grateful to have heard his voice. I went to bed knowing he was still alive. And feeling great hearing him say my name.
    M❀M. βœ” πŸ‘ 😊 🌞. I love my son.

    If good spirited people don’t like bad spirited people, or want to be around them, I imagine it works in reverse.


    That’s GOOD πŸ‘ & BAD. πŸ‘Ž
    If we’re dead, this suffering would finally end.

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