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-Another Wrongful Conviction


San Antonio, Texas. 12-31-2009
Victim Fred Cantu Jr. 39 yr old
A fellow Veteran. Navy Vet
Let his truth be told.
with utmost respect.
I believe this was a bench trial conviction
both teens tried separately
Documented in police report.
The attorney Bryce’s father davidvandergrift hired, told Bryce there is no evidence to show anyone else could have done this. He also told Bryce that he shot this man three times in the chest. Fred was shot once in the chest. (Autopsy Report) Why didn’t he defend Bryce? Bryce’s father, brother brettvandergrift, and the victim’s wife gracecantu, also hid the truth-facts.
This is in the police report. I have this report. And blood splatter on the stairs may be reason the victim’s wife went up and down the stairs twice, after getting her husband’s blood on her.
Nick agreed to testify against Bryce,
should the case ever go to trial.
I have her report. She also wrote that Bryce is a mentally ill child, not an adult and should not be put in with adults. She documented his genetic brain disorder, Autism Spectrum. For six months and off his medications, Bryce’s was taking drugs, weed and drinking. The Lawyers assistant told me if they tell the Judge this, Bryce would get added drug charge. I have the history of drug abuse.
all images and words on my sites belong to me. If something belongs to you and you want it removed, just ask.
Nicholas Daniel Cantu wanted his father dead before he met my son around May 2009. Witness say he had solicited others to shoot his father. If he was a danger, why were there unsecured weapons and ammo in the house? Did his father know what Dr. Elliot said?
Because he had OCD, I was able to steer it away from negative things and gear it towards anything about bush craft, outdoor survival, camping too. Please help me get my son out of prison.
THAT’S MY BOY! This was one of his birthdays and he invited some friends. I’m not certain his age here, I’m going to guess maybe five years old. Oh son, I miss you.
someone said Bryce wasn’t doing good in Florida, Bryce has a well
documented history. He was fine. In picture, we were invited to church, Florida. He was well liked and loved.
I believe this is or was the Cantu Home
This home was sold in 2018.
This was the home our son was to spend some years in with, his father David, Brett his brother by nine years and his step mom Patricia, born 1975. When Patricia left them in 2008 and divorced him in 2009, (I have these records) People started to say that it was me that left. The victim’s wife Grace, was one of those people that said this to me. She said this happened because you left him. (Bryce) you were selfish. I think this may be one of the lies in court transcripts.

I lived in Texas MOONS AGO for USAF basic training, and then when the crime happened. I stayed at hotels and room rentals for four months, 2010, Jan, Feb, Mar and April, maybe longer. I spent every dime I had and ran up credit cards just to be able to try to help him and figure out what the heck was really going on.

It sure looks like living in this big beautiful home, with a backyard and dog, would beat living with his mom in an apartment in Florida, 
on a Veteran-Section 8 voucher. I should have never let you go.

EARLY 2013 Bryce’s father moved back to Florida. Bryce hasn’t heard from him or his brother Brett in at least seven years. I don’t believe. our son Brett ever sent Bryce anything. Bryce and I are alike. Dave and Brett are alike. Brett and David also told Bryce he shot Fredcantu
Fred & Bryce gained NADA
In the news clips Bryce looks extremely tall. It looks
like he over 6’2 or taller! He was still just fifteen years old. 9-9-1994 .A lot of people were saying he was sixteen. I don’t know why people kept saying he was 16 when he had just tuned 15! I asked the lawyer to please correct this with the news and court, he didn’t.

News stated a shotgun was found in Bryce’s father’s back yard. If true… this shotgun is NOT, the murder weapon. UNLESS… AFTER SHOOTING HIS FATHER, HE/NICK PUT THE WEAPON IN BRYCE’S FATHER’S BACK YARD. NICK WAS THE SHOOTER.  The goal was to make public believe and Bryce himself believe, that Bryce was shooter. HE WAS NOT. This goal continued after Bryce was arrested.
The case file may read that 03 is Bryce. Brycevandergrift is AP. FACT IS 03 is the victim’s son NICHOLAS.
For years Bryce continued to believe he shot and killed a man. He did NOT. He knew of the plan; he didn’t know he was set up, he couldn’t piece all that had happened together.  I heard the attorney tell my son and tell the judge, that Bryce was the shooter. He was NOT. Will someone please return my son to my care?
An officer suspected the victim’s wife, Grace. He wanted her bank records and cell phone. He wanted her INVESTIGATED Why wasn’t she investigated? Why wasn’t Bryce’s father investigated?

As Bryce’s mother I want to know.

>I would like this case overturned or an AQUITTAL.
>MAINLY, I would like my son returned to me.
Bryce and I will need somewhere to live, and our son will need mental health care. His Florida doctors are still here.

kind regards, Marie, Bryce’s MoM.
>join us<
C = victim, NAMES 03 = his son Nick.
My beautiful soul of a son.
In Florida, in my care ❤
Return my son to me. Please.
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At the end of 2013, my Tourette Syndrome erupted. It’s finally mild. Bryce was to be covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The lawyer presented NOTHING to defend my son. And Bryce’s father vandergriftdave & brother vandergriftbrettryan, was okay with this. I WASN’T! So, they kept telling Bryce that Mom’s Mental, the victim’s wife Grace said the same thing to me in a phone call. Y.A.W.N. how common is that! ONE PARENT IS BEING DISCREDITED.

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