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4/2021 & current ➡I will attempt to show you why ABILIFY is the better medication for people like my son Bryce S. Vandergrift 01661857, this is the medication that he was wrongly removed from before he was arrested. HALDOL is detrimental for his Mind, Body & Spirit, and IS another major contributing factor in his continued deterioration.

My son has four of the above.  PLEASE, stop giving him HALDOL & give him ABILIFY.


TDCJ PROVIDER’S Treatment Plan is NOT working. He needs ABILIFY 10 to 15 mg, possibly low dosage of EFFEXOR / generic is VENLAFAXINE *for over two years, they knowingly continue to ignore warning signs including attempts of suicide, purposely harming my son.  Bryce is a G2 BEHAVED, PASSIVE wrongfully convicted 26 yr, old. If placed on ABILIFY, he could function in a NON psychiatric unit, WITH OTHER ➡ G2 – in a CAGE.


-One does not have to become a doctor to know about mental health or it’s medications. I have or had some of these disorders as did/do some of my blood family, including my father who died at age 39 via suicide. He had schizophrenia. The drug for schizophrenia back then was Thorazine, in some families it increases suicidal ideations. (Chloromazine) – Haldol (Haloperidol) both are harmful drugs for people in MY BLOOD FAMILY, I LIVED THIS. I also raised a special needs child and a “lot more” -Each would do a great service to work together for the best interest of THE PATIENT. After all,… is not the goal to increase the QUALITY of another’s LIFE?

Some experts say Haldol is 100% more potent than Thorazine. Some experts say Haldol kills a person’s mind. I read there’s a shortage in the so-called free world, there is not a shortage in the U.S, Carceral Systems.

ABILIFY was one of the medications Bryce was removed from before he was arrested for a murder. He did NOT SHOOT ANYONE, this proof exist.

HALDOL HAS MANY NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS that are damaging for someone with my son’s GENETIC-NEUROPSYCHATRIC-DISORDER & IT’S COMORBIDITIES. ***the asterisk means Bryce is experiencing these at some level*** NEGATIVE, PERMENANT, LONG TERM SIDE EFFECTS NOW. 

PRISON PROVIDER’S GIVE BENADRYL DAILY TO TRY minimize the side effects which also serves to temporarily hide the damage. LONG-TERM use of benadryl is also detrimental to one’s mental & physical health. There is an ingredient in this medication that can cause disturbing hallucinations.

-NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS-   in simple terms 

*Permanent involuntary muscle movements that mimic Tourette Syndrome & or Parkinson’s Disease. *Inability to stop moving such as shifting from leg to leg.  *Muscle Tightness, Stiffness or both. *Mental Confusion, Fog. *Increase depression, increased suicidal thoughts, image, voices, *sensing that you are losing who you are. If you exspress some of the above to staff, you will be placed in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT and lose all priveledges, they hold back letters from your Mom.


“MANY” MENTALLY ILL HUMANS ARE VERY KIND HEARTED, NON – AGGRESSIVE PEOPLE. Please stop buying into the propaganda that they are few. I know… It’s hard when that is most of what is being broadcasted.

PS: YES, there are Texas prison employee’s that are against the mistreatment of Bryce, INCARCERATED, & MENTALLY ILL. They’d like a change to include stop blaming the prisoner, patient & those that love & fight for them when THE SYSTEM is at FAULT. I hope for more than slow moving reform. “DISMANTLE”

This blog post is a work in progress. TDCJ Prison mental health provider’s, won’t give MY BOY a break.  It is almost as if mental health provider’s mess them up, then staff punishes them. This could result in increased sentences. NO NOT ALL!

⬆⬆⬆  ABILIFY  (above)

Previously while at MONTFORD UNIT, my son refuse HADOL INJECTIONS. He tells them this medication is messing him up. “It’s giving me more issues, INCLUDING mental / emotional problems”  I believe they do not care if it is making a person MORE SUICIDAL, they will hold you down and force you to take, inject whatever the TDCJ PROVIDER prescribes, toss you in solitary confinement for decades if they want.

He is being prescribed 💊pills that increase his thoughts of suicide. I am told they attempted abilify and he refused. The odds of this being true are ZERO. He has requested abilify & was ignored. It’s ALWAYS the prisoner’s fault.



-N.O.T.E.- I am requesting assistance to help my son be placed on ABILIFY, possibly he will need a low dosage of EFFEXOR, prisons calls it effexor yet they precribe a genetic “low quality” brand named VENLAFAXINE. Long term side effect is the unbalancing, as in disruption of the digestive system, in time this then disrupts the balance of your nervous system.

YES, I have contacted the unit, emailed & talked to the Warden, Medical Staff, Huntsville and others. I believe the one reason he is not being prescribed the correct medication is because… the wrong medication renders the incarcerated “more mentally ill & incompetent” If for years my son is not significantly competent, he can get more time added onto his sentence, and be kept from being paroled. This benefits the Prison Industry. Anyone have a list of names of people who own stock in $Haldol? Or $PROLIXN? THESE DO NOT WORK FOR HIM.

I am praying, believing and having faith that one day, Bryce will be released & returned to me. ALIVE.

BRYCE S. VANDERGRIFT 01661857. COMORBIDITIES of his genetic brain disorder are Schizophrenia & Deep Depressive Disorder.

Previously TDCJ WILLIAM P. CLEMENT UNIT placed in Solitary Confinement & deprived of all priveledges because he heard voices. 806-381-7080

9601 Spur 591

Amarillo, TX 79107

*CURRENTLY 9/2021 HE IS BEING HEAVILY SEDATED, likely TRAZODONE. ➡ He is currently back at MONTFORD UNIT. LUBBOCK, TX. They ping him to & fro. Constantly place in solitary confinement all priveledges removed, deprived due to suicidal ideations. There is no job security in doing what’s best for the patient – prisoner. Yes, I am a lil upset, He is my son!

GOD, TAKE UP THIS FIGHT. You are our advocator. Touch someone’s heart, open their eye’s. INTERVENE. thank ~ you, Bryce’s MoM.

-NOTE- I am a low income #female #veteran. I have lived in Florida since 1996. I rent a room, this allows me to have fund’s to send my son for #commissary, #phone, #ecomm in #texas. ❤Incarcerated Lives Matter❤ vandergrift01661857



~MOTHER’S PLEA ~ DETAILS 35 min read


Ms. Pelletier – p o box 891152 – Tampa FL 33689

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