my son bryce

my son bryce

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Vandergrift’s Mother

 Bryce is advocated by his mother. /

Substantial Evidence is Bryce’s proof that my son did not commit the crimes that at age 15 he was arrested for, charged and convicted of.  Bryce is living in a prison cell paying for someone else crime.

On 12/31/ 2009 my 15 yr old minor-son was arrested for the murder of his best friends father.  Before he died, the victim named his murderer, he said his own son Nick and it is part of the original police report. This report and others also shows that the Victims own wife and his son had motive,  and opportunity to have shot the victim themselves as he laid asleep on his couch.

Officers found a blood splattered t-shirt upstairs on the floor in the master bathroom floor, This is a shirt known to have been worn by the victims own son and part of the police report.  Nicholas Cantu told the police his best friend Bryce did this. Nick was named an assessor, Bryce was named the shooter and  planner!

A highly respected forensic psychologist named Doctor Joann Murphey in Texas, wrote a 55 page report in defense of my minor son.  She found my 15-year-old minor son NOT culpable for any part in the case against him.  She found bryce to be a child not an adult.  Her report outlines my minor sons well documented history of his developmental disabilities  since birth. Her report was never presented.

Based on compelling evidence I believe the victims wife to be the mastermind behind the murder of her husband.  I believe she exploited my son and used him and his vulnerabilities for her own financial gain.  A witness came down to the station and told how the victims wife was involved in the murder of her husband. And he said she was giving my minor son drugs, alcohol and money.

An Officer requested the victim’s wife be investigated, yet there is nothing to show this happened.  According to our laws she should have been arrested and charged accordingly.  When officers arrive the victims wife had blood on her hand, arms and night shirt. She told police that when she heard gun shots in her home she came down stairs to see what was the matter.  She explained that she saw the back door open, so she shut it, locked it and went back upstairs in fear of her life.   She also said that Bryce was her sons only friend.

There were a lot of officers called to the victims home that day.  From my research it is clear portions of the police report have been redacted, amended and revised on dates other than the date of the crime.  In fact, all pages pertaining to statements taken, including my son’s, were written over seven days after the date of the crime.

My son was alone when he was questioned, brought to the station, read his miranda rights and interrogated. Bryce has a “well documented” medical, mental, educational and social history. According to our laws he is not allowed to waive his rights, let alone give the court a full confession to all charges to he could sign a plea agreement of 30 years. My son was still just 15 years old.

CASE-2010-CR-JUV-003-22a  Docket A-12533/a3840.
Police Report 090979792  Arrest Date-12-31-2009 DOB 09-09-1994.  

 Bryce Seton Vandergrift did not commit the crimes that he has been arrested charged and convicted of. Bryce is living in a prison cell paying for someone else crime.

I am Bryce’s Vandergrifts Mother,  I’m trying to save my son.

April 2010    Ruled Competent by states doctor

May /26/2010    Certified as an Adult

June 2010    via his Lawyer,  court obtains full confession in exchange for 30 yr plea deal.

July 16 2010     Sentenced, no right to appeal.

Bryce was told there was no evidence to prove anyone else could have committed this crime, he feared a jury would give him life or death. He was tried in front of a Judge.

 +++ F R E D  —  R.I.P.   Much Respect.  A Navy Veteran. +++

Nicholas Daniel Cantu 01658805 a3840

The autopsy reports these painkiller drugs were in the victim’s blood. 1. Acetaminophen, 2. Naproxen, 3. Hydrocodone Vicodin, and 4. Hydromorphone / a derivative of morphine.

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There is an unwelcome female that is using an array of our names as her tags. She is flooding the internet with her post of issues, topics, videos, images, etc  that have nothing to do with us.  We continue to request her to stop yet she continues.  Know that all of her items pertaining to us in any way,  we consider to be cyber-trash from her cyber-bullying.  If she is about tying  our story with her links  for the use of eventual advocacy fraudulent donation request… Having interested in some of the  same issues does not mean we’re associated. To learn more about bryce and me visit us here., 4brycesbattle   God bless us all.
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* This is a link that takes you to a story about 3 children, bryce-vandergrift detonate-sanford christy-phillips.


                  Kind Regards,   Bryce’s Mother   marie,   4brycesbattle

There is more to this story and I would be happy to share this with-you,  Bryce has a Strong Defense that was never used

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