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-Dear, Texas, Warden,  Ombudsman, TDCJ, and UTMB Staff,


Bryce Seton Vandergrift
Skyview Unit 01661857
379 FM 2972
Rusk, TX 75785

 I contacted a law firm and they suggested to contact you and start over. I was wrong in the way I was handling it because of my strong emotional responses.

I want to apologize for my part in our conflicts due to my fear for my son’s life. I am a mother who has been trying to help save her child for ten years.

Kind Regards,

Ms. D Marie Pelletier. 
p o box 891152. 
Tampa, FL. 33689. 
I am a low income
U.S. six yr. VETERAN.
My Tourette syndrome is finally mild. 
I Love My Son with All My Heart.
Thank You for Understanding.

Thank You for assuring me, my son will be kept safe from security issues.

Help Save Bryce 4brycesbattle

Listen, YESTERDAY, May 10th was HARD very hard for me. It was Mother’s Day. I didn’t get my SPECIAL DAY call from Bryce. It was ROUGH but I met some FOLKS online, and decided I was going keep believing in God, and I needed to stop fighting with the state of Texas.

What I was doing was no longer helping BRYCE, I saw that… With “ENCOURAGEMENT” from someone, actually three people. I spent the next morning knowing, I needed to APOLOGIZE to The WARDEN of Skyview, and the OTHER’S, I’d been hurt and angry for almost a year. I had a LONG LIST.

Any and all entries discrediting me, and my son Bryce, have originated in Texas via, Bryce’s father, then step mother Patricia, victim’s wife, others and in case file generated while in his father’s care. I have no problem proving this. And I’m told its COMMON PRACTICE to discredit the parent that is NOT in agreement with their child’s rights being violated.

I just want my son back… ALIVE.

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