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~Often time’s when human’s discover

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my beloved son’s tragic position, they quickly back far away from me. It does hurt, yet not as much as it did before. I enjoy being with myself. I am good company. I enjoy the few genuine #friends I do have.

For over a decade I have been struggling through life with a broken heart. It was as if life had plunged a dagger into me. It stuck deep in my heart and remained wedged inside as I carried on for the love of my child. It was cutting deep into my body, my mind, my #spirit  into the core of my #soul .

I could not continue on this path. I had lost my first born son Brett in Dec 2020 to diabetes, again I was knocked down. For three month’s I found it hard to get out of bed, I started to drink every night to blur the images. I gained 35 pound’s, and felt like I had instantly aged five year’s.

I believed I’d lost all that was dear to me, including a slight feeling inside that I was still pretty. I got back up. I had no choice , my now an only child, my #beloved #son still needed me.

I attribute my getting knocked down in #life from a lack of #knowledge poor choices followed… VA meds kept me in a fog, yet this too is attributed to a lack of knowledge. I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO QUIT. I kept getting back up again and again. What #option did I have? Who will help Bryce?

I have since lost most of the weight, my health has been restored, my Tourette Syndrome is FINALLY mild. I started feeling PRETTY again.

In the summer of 2021 I met someone online. Not a lover or anything to do with romance. A kindred Spirit of sorts. This human simply started chatting with me, surly Godsend as this person did not speak inappropriate to me, was non aggressive and never criticized me. Thus… I stayed and I listened. In time I was encouraged and more, this caused the redirecting of my spirit. You have taken up residence in my heart…I-AM-GRATEFUL🌹

I started to desire to see and experience what POSITIVE could do for my life. Basically all I had to do was devote QUALITY TIME to unlearning and relearning… and INCREASE FEEDING MY SPIRIT. I was to nourish God within me. I did and I am changing for the better. Standing up and dusting myself off again, only this time with a newly still under construction… #foundation

A decade of seemingly 24/7 fear, sadness, heartbreak and sense of continuous loss has GREATLY DISSIPATED. My wounded soul is healing! It is the workings and wonder of the highest, living God. It is of a Genuine-Spiritual-Nature. I give honor to Creator, Spirits, my and other’s Ancestors, Angel’s, Celetial & Devine Beings, positive Soul’s still walking this earth. To MYSELF and to YOU who think kindly of us, as we are of value #humanbeings

My belief is that some way, my beloved son Bryce Vandergrift, will reap the benefits of this Mother’s Love.
Son, 🌎 I L❤VE YOU TO
#infinity & BEYOND.

So if you’d like to assist in the increased #harmony here on planet earth, if you will simply enjoy my spirit singing 🎶 please bring yourself to OVERLOOK the POLLUTION of THIS WORLD that seeks to attach to “everyone-of-us” say hi, or like something, I’ll send you a smile, wish you well or like you back. If you are doing WONDERFUL
tell me, as

kind regards

ms. dorothymariepelletier Bryce’s MoM ~ #dorothypelletier brycevandergrift #vandergriftbrett vandergrift #bryce #neurodivergent

🌹~ #VANDERGRIFT ~🌹 is a TX wrongfully convicted Special-Needs-Child. He had just turned fifteen and failed the eighth grade. He was given a thirty year plea deal, bench trial and has served almost twelve year’s. NOTE: Just because a Judge finds someone guilty without reasonable doubt, does not make this fact. It means no one presented your defense to the court. Bryce’s lawyer did not present our CHILD’S STRONG DEFENSE, his father, #davidvandgergrift, paid him.

This child did NOT shoot anyone, my son WAS taken advantage of I fully believe by the victim’s wife and their son because of his cognitive disabilities, Bryce was manipulated & Set Up to be framed. Evidence show’s she was involve in the murder of her husband and her son to be the shooter. He was deemed an assessor. Bryce deemed shooter & mastermind.

Bryce’s brain could NOT handle defending itself against manipulation. #SUBSTANTIAL #EVIDENCE #EXIST. #Laws Broken, #Right’s Violated.

You had him for two year’s. DavidLeeVandergrift, if you did not want him, you could have returned him to me in FL and reinstated child support. NOTE: If your child is incarcerated, you are relinquished of all parental & financial obligations and responsibilities. *Why were you, this school and other’s removing our son from his lifelong successful treatment plan?

Bryce continues to forgive all. I must follow him in this forgiveness. I know the victims & Bryce’s truth.


We require a small group of GENUINE people that want to right a wrong, #together let’s enjoy CELEBRATING this VICTORY!

Expecting our Happy Ending.



PHOTO of Bryce taken a few months before moving from Florida to Texas to spend some year’s with his father. He was suppose to be given more than I, a single parent, a Veteran on Section 8, could give him.

On Behalf Of My Son Bryce.





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