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-God, if you are not going to FREE BRYCE, then take him

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  My beloved son Bryce Vandergrift is wrongfully convicted of a murder, existing in a cage in Texas.  It’s been eleven year’s and he’s not doing so good.

  I SURRENDER the only person I deeply love unto God. God, I’ve tried to find help to free him. I have tried to raise funds for legal cost, to visit him or move to be near him funds. I could NOT GET ONE FELLOW VETERAN to donate a dime, this includes not for profit that state they are Veterans who help ALL VETERAN’S. As a Female Veteran, this was an unexpected crushing blow.

  Maybe my prayers are what are keeping my son here. God, if you are not going to send help to free him and place my son back into my care…then TAKE HIM!

  God. TAKE HIM SO THE TORMENT CAN STOP. Adults will continue to get away with their crimes against this loving SPECIAL NEEDS HUMAN…but for you.

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  The bulk of the public will continue to go on BELIEVING that if a Judge says…they find you guilty without reasonable doubt, then it must be true…It is NOT TRUE. It only means that inside the courtroom and in the back rooms, no one is defending you. REAL COURT FOR US WAS NOT LIKE ON TV or in MOVIE’S Specifically when your MIDDLE-CLASS, POOR or MENTALLY-ILL. With both my son and I being in the Autism Spectrum, it’s made it difficult to tell who is GENUINE, who is out to harm us.        MISSING-CUES💔

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  My son Bryce has been the BEST thing, person, FAMILY, human being I have ever known. He is the most GENUINE, beautiful Soul and Spirit I have had the pleasure to ❤ LOVE & call my son. thank~you.

  I have a MOTHER’S SPIRIT.  As a mother, I love him as my child and son, and he loved me back. Children with Special Needs are so rewarding, so genuine… 💕God, I am so very thankful for you giving me such a gift as this beautiful child. We have a strong bond and have had many good times.

  But God…➡ no one is coming to help us. Why?  Because I am a mere Mother, an advocator, a low-income Veteran. I do NOT have millions of dollars or influential friends with power. I am no one. This is my son’s demise. Therefore no one will take his case and stop the prison abuse. No one is going to help free my beloved son Bryce, to save his life. My spirit groans, my heart aches as truth is but a word. It matters NOT. 

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☝With me in Florida. Fully on his successful treatment plan for his GENETIC DISORDER… later he would be spending time with his father in Texas, for two year’s he was being systematically removed from his treatment plan ON PURPOSE. One of the medications removed was ABILIFY. He is 26 and deteriorating in prison by design.

  GOD, I SURRENDER MY SON TO YOU.  PLEASE take him so he won’t suffer any more. I do not know what will happen to me if, when I lose him more than I have. I just cannot continue to bear for him to CONTINUE TO SUFFER these daily poundings against him MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY & SPIRITUALLY.  Being fed expired food that is way passed gone bad, and drinking contaminated water continue to also GREATLY ASSIST IN HIS CONTINUED DETERIORATION. Do you want to know when he gets to see the sun or breathes fresh air?  When they transfer him to another unit.

  I can’t even get Prison Mental Health Provider’s to give him a medication called ABILIFY, that would help him suffer less psychologically. I’ve tried for years.  Inflicting suffering is what seem to be the plan. If not for other’s suffering, I think some would be forced to exist within an acute awareness of their VOID.

—–▶I do not think they will want to parole him. They’ll say he’s incompetent, it’ll help increase prison stock $◀—–

  Please God, please remove him out of the grips of these deadly forces that only know how to destroy… PLEASE TAKE HIM INTO A HEAVENLY PLACE, and grant him the JOY, LOVE, HAPPINESS and PEACE he so deserves.

Son, I miss you so much. I love you so much. I don’t want you to hurt anymore. Not in any way shape or form. You have endured too much. I have tried to help you and I cannot. The injustice system and Prison Industry, and others have destroyed our lives as individuals & as a family. This was their goal. Your case must be TOO COMPLEX for others to handle, yet I’ve done a GREAT DEAL of the work. I did that for MY SON.

This year I had a conversation with Bryce. I believe that my son FINALLY grasp that he did NOT kill a man and that he was set up to be framed by his best friend, the victim’s wife, and other’s. He finally gets and accepts that his own father paid a lawyer to throw him away… What does he say to me?

Bryce said


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The last card-letter I received from Bryce. Son, I love you to infinity & beyond. L❤VE M❤M OxO

Bryce’s Mom 💔

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In the beginning I hoped for and expected donations, a probono lawyer & group to come free him, now I expect him to die.

God, take Bryce, and then take me.

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Mother’s Day years ago in Florida. Bryce’s STORY in a NUTSHELL. He’s not calling me!

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