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picture taken months before our son Bryce, went to spend some years with his father David L Vandergrift and older by nine years brother Brett Vandergrift.

Picture taken in 2002. We went to the Tampa Museum. I believe Bryce had recently turned eight. His Tourette Syndrome was prominent. I was still working on building his confidence. Earlier I started calling him ACE or aceman. He liked that and it worked!

Bryce had already had had a full medical and mental health evaluation. He had already seen specialist and neurologist. In a way, I managed my child on this successful treatment plan, kept in place for any and all his special needs, to include any changes or adjustments for any emerging disorders that may or may not be there. We had the BEST TIME TOGETHER!

thank~you for your time, Bryce’sMoM

The police report and other documents, show that the Victims wife was involved in his murder. She also had motives, means and opportunities. She pointed the finger at Bryce. When Nick was in another room with his little Brother, She also pointed the finger at her son Nicholas Daniel Cantu, telling officer’s that “she was afraid to leave her youngest son alone with Nick” She said “I think he had something to do with this” NICK DOES NOT KNOW THIS.

Bryce’s father davidvandergrift and his older brother brettvandergrift, were NOT in support of demanding Bryce’s STRONG DEFENSE be presented. Instead, my son brett and my ex told bryce I was crazy and to not listen to me. I believe our son brettryanvandergrift was more concerned of the part he played and the part his father played in these tragic event’s.

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