πŸ’•To all those that have extended compassion and encouragement towards me in my struggles to help save my son Bryce.

I ❀ you! Including those unseen people that help me to help my beloved son.


Bryce a hello or a photo.


Bryce S. Vandergrift

Montford Unit 01661857

8602 Peach Ave

Lubbock, Texas. 79404

they only accept letters written on solid paper, colored paper okay.


Some photos in good taste. No stickers allowed, No greeting cards, or Postcards.

thanks! πŸ’• BrycesMoM

Whomever, unseen, that has assisted me in helping my son Bryce, πŸ’• thank~you so very much. I am so GRATEFUL!

Please Return My Son To Me. I know he’s mentally ill, Bryce was born a SPECIAL NEED CHILD. He has BIG HEART. & Beautiful Soul


@4brycesbattle BLM POC


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4 thoughts on “-thank~you

  1. UPDATE: JULY 2020. Talked to my son, he sounds much better! He gained back a few pounds. I’m proud of him wearing his mask around everyone. Prison isn’t a good place to be. More common is four men to a cell meant for one or two humans.

    I find that I still need to continue to help get his medication correct. He was on abilify at maybe around age eight. He needs that medication. And get his G2 rating back. I ask him to have patience. I believe he is MUCH SAFER.

    I continue to have decent, respectful communication with the Warden and the Chaplin. πŸ‘
    Now for me to relearn to sleep through the night. Hang in there son. Love M❀M


  2. I was so happy for you when I read this. I know you feel such a sense of relief. When was he transferred? Time for some healing now.

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