This is what an injustice system does to us. It systematically destroys. Losing Hope…

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Come June 2020, it will be one year since I’ve heard from my son. Other than two, three minute conversations with a guard beside him. Bryce is not communicating with me. He’s not calling or writing home as he has been for ten years. This isn’t like him.

I’m feeling real low today, experienced people post that the prison system doesn’t want an inmate to have family ties. They want to keep inmates locked up till they die. This keeps the beds filled, which keeps funds flowing in, especially for the mentally ill like my Bryce who are given prescription medications.

If they wanted to, they could keep him drugged up, chained to the floor in a small cell with feces on the walls, and puddles of urine on the floor. The sink or toilet doesn’t have to work. I think they are one in the same. I remember Bryce telling me that he cleaned the urinal, so he could wash his t shirts in it. Some prisons have MOLD GROWING on the ceiling and PAINT CHIPPING. Give him a mat to sleep on. Toss him a baloney sandwich. They do not care.


My son could cry or moan for hours…Other’s have. THEY DO NOT CARE and would likely taze him, beat him and punish him to shut him up. He could be screaming from being raped or tortured for kicks.. some onlookers enjoying the sheer of rush of it all. What they do care about is MONEY, POWER, CONTROL and being right.

MANY ARE NOT CAPABLE OF CARING as they ARE VOID OF FEELINGS. How else could you do this job? I read the pay is low. My country doesn’t care to help me help my son. My fellow veterans don’t care to help me help my son. The groups across the USA that offer assistance, their sites state they are also for Juveniles, mentally ill and the poor, yet they still exclude us. I think it is because we are non party affiliated, and in the middle. I’m Olive, my son is white.

No party affiliation is responding to my pleas for help either. It’s election year. They don’t have a lot of time to spare. Several have expressed compassion for my sons tragic position. THANK YOU! Other political parties ignore my request. When some do respond, it’s to ask for a donation or to offer me a bumper stick for my car. I’m thinking of writing my sons name in for President… AGAIN.
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I recently read a story whereby Americans were turning out in droves to donate money for children that have been separated from their families. People who are in this country from different parts of the world and who are considered refugees, migrants, illegals and undocumented. These Americans raised TWELVE MILLION DOLLARS! That figure is now over twenty million. That’s roughly the same amount “BUILD THE WALL” funders have accumulated. Bryce’s gofundme sits at $30.00. πŸ’”

A woman from Holland sent I believe $250.00 or $300.00 to my pay pal. It’s in my savings account for 4brycesbattle. THANK YOU! I am and always have been HAPPY for anything POSITIVE to befall ALL. It’s natural for me to be hurt and somewhat dismayed. My son BRYCE VANDERGRIFT means the world to me.

To those that have extended a kindness towards us, I appreciate you. πŸ’•

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I’m going to die of a broken heart. πŸ’”
Son, I miss you so much. Some day’s
I can’t hardly stand it. Must carry on…





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4 thoughts on “-GOD CANNOT BE REAL.

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  1. Bryce Vandergrift’s story is unpopular in that it does not have the element of race. Those in control didn’t care if we were PURPLE! CONVICTION WAS ALL THAT MATTERED.

    He was convicted by predominately WHITES and a few Hispanics/Latinos.
    As a matter of fact… it was the blacks that surrounded my son and I, that treated us the best!

    There are cases whereby blacks and browns are wrongfully convicted by their own race. Just as my son was. I am NOT saying that race doesn’t played a part. I am saying that in my and my sons story… it did NOT appear to play a part, unless they wanted to increase the white population in Prison. If anything, it was his mental disabilities that may have caused him to be target. Prisons make money off of mentally ill. Percriptions etc.

    When you have the element of race, it DOES appear to gain more ATTENTION-DONATIONS-AND VOTES. If your case has the element of race… USE IT!

    As a matter of fact I have been harassed and attacked on the internet due to my sons story. Those that have animosity towards my son and I are other ADVOCATES, who I believe view advocacy as a COMPETITION, A SPORT.

    This one particular person is in my opinion, an expert at advocating. Her stories are well written and many backed up with some factual data. She is VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE and a great advocate.

    Simply put… she hates OUR STORY. So if you see post that appear to have been posted by myself, yet these post, pics or links are ODD-MESSY-NEGATIVE. You’ll know it’s not us. I do NOT view advocacy as a competition. I’m simply trying to save my son. And hopefully bring some awareness for the sake of ANY & ALL CHILDREN-PEOPLE in AMERICA.

    As always, Kind Regards, Bryce’sMoM, marie

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  2. πŸ’” It is very difficult to exsperience, to know, to write and read these stories, including other’s stories of human beings lives filled with history, facts and truths of this ONCE GREAT NATION?
    The inside of me is emptying out. This is painful and deadening at the same time. Today, again I can’t stop crying for my son, my son πŸ’”

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  3. I can’t talk to anyone today. Most days I cry once or twice. Today, posting I’m through my tears. I can’t stop crying. I feel so alone. I feel so sad. I miss my son. My heighten concern for him is never ending. Calling the unit is how I find out if he’s alive. When they say he’s alive, I’m still not positive they’re telling the truth.

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