Seeking Legal Representation.

* A state representative has agreed to help me, help my son. I’m to search for a criminal defense lawyer preferably licensed in Florida, Hillsborough County & Texas to work with my son for a writ of habeas corpus.

🌟 I haven’t heard from the rep so I don’t know if he has changed his mind. UPDATE: The Rep, he did nothing.

Bryce Seton Vandergrift he had just turned “15” YRS OLD.

DOB- 09-09-1994.ORIGINAL CASE-2010-CR-JUV-003-22a. Arrested 12-31-2009. Crime Zip Code 78251. Bryce Seton Vandergrift-01661857POLICE REPORT-090979792.
OFFENSE: F1 MURDER 1ST DEGREE- 09990019 SID-08508535
TDC-01661857 DOB-09091994.
DOCKET:A-12533 / a3840

I believe someone has made up a false habitual offender arrest record possibly dated MAY 05 2009. I did a background check on Bryce after this tragedy happened. He had no prior arrest.
In the court room the defense told the Judge his client had never been in trouble with the law before. This was Honorable Judge L. k. Jarrett’s first murder case.

Ten years have passed. He’s now 25. He no longer has involuntary muscle movements. His tics from Tourettes, subsided years ago. There’s more to TS than tics.  His mental health is managed with medication. My Tourettes is finally mild!

Bryce believes in God. He does not swear, smoke or do drugs. He has no gang affiliation and no tatoos. He loves and respects me. Prison life is deteriorating him both mentally & physically.
The defense attorney Anthony B. Cantrell. was hired by Bryce’s father, David Vandergrift, who was given immediate plausible deniability and has stopped communicating with our son
since early 2013.

There are clear violations from being alone when waiving his Miranda Rights and giving a false confession in which he continued to have the details of crime wrong.
No one told him there is substantial & compelling evidence to show that even the victims wife had motive, means and opportunity. Or that the weapon supposedly found near Bryce’s father’s home, was not the murder weapon.

A witness went to the station and told police about her involvement. The wife and her son wanted Mr. Fred Cantu dead, before they met my mentally disabled child. She was a speech pathologists for special needs children” like my Bryce. I have the police report.

What’s in the courts case against my son is not what happened. Bryce’s history and this case is well documented. This is why I’ve been denied transcripts. Bryce still believes this is a capital case and a jury would have given him a life sentence or death penalty.

My son was told that he had shot a man three times in the chest with a shotgun while he laid asleep on the couch. Bryce said “oh I did”!? as he nearly fell backwards onto the floor tipping back in his chair, in his own astonishment! I was there. He still believes he did what his lawyer told him he did.
The autopsy report shows victim was shot once. Fred Cantu died during surgery at the hospital. I have the report and posted it online RIP. Much Respect.

No one told Bryce that there is a 55 page forensic psychologist report, stating that he is not culpable for any part in the states case against him. And she found my 6’1 child, to be an incompetent child. All entries in the case that discredit me as a mother and of my care for Bryce are shown to be false.

While EMS was working on the victim, he told police his own son Nick shot him. It’s in the police report. As is a blood splattered t shirt upstairs in Master Bathroom, a shirt known to have worn by the victims son.

An officer suspected the victimes wife and wanted her investigated. Why wasn’t she investigated? The lawyer told the newly appointed Judge, well your honor, it looks like my client was the shooter!

I still live in Hillsborough County,  Florida. Bryce is in Texas. I am a six year honorably discharged veteran. Could Bryce get transferred to Florida? He and I are all we have.-

Kind Regards, Bryce’s M💔M.

🌟 any benevolent people wanting to help save Bryce, 4brycesbattle, please contact me. Getting someone out of prison cannot be accomplished with out the help of other. Unless you have a lot of money and or favor with an influential person.

Texas pays 80k for each year.

I miss my son 💔

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One thought on “Seeking Legal Representation.

  1. Help Marie, Bryce’s MoM to go visit her son.

    Thank You! Marie. (my middle name.)

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