The defense attorney that Bryce’s father had hired, told Bryce he had shot the victim in the chest three times, with a shotgun while he laid asleep on his couch. NO. THAT NEVER HAPPEND!

I was there when he told my son that. Bryce nearly tipped over in his chair, he said OH, I DID? Bryce STILL believes what the adults told him he did. The victim was shot once in the chest. Attached Autopsy Report.

Bryce and I were told the victim died in his home. FALSE. Mr. Fred Cantu died in surgery at the hospital. We were also told this was a Capital Murder and Bryce believed if this case went to trial that once he turned 18, he would get the death penalty. I didn’t know the law, and the attorney left me out of the process.

This was the only time the defence attorney allowed me to be in the room when he talked to my son Bryce S Vandergrift. 01661857.

I heard the attorney tell the judge, well your honor, it looks like my client was the shooter. The police report shows the victims own son to be the shooter.

The attorney told the Judge that he was meeting regularly with Bryce’s father and I. I spoke up and said No Your Honor, that’s not true. He met with me and Bryce’s father once and it was brief. The lawyers assistant Tom, did most of the talking about the need for my and Bryce’s father to get along.

Apparently my former husband had made me out to be a raving lunatic, who had never got over him leaving me for a woman 18 years younger. My only interest was in getting to the truth and using that to help our son. Bryce and my rights continued to be violated. My fifteen year old mentally disabled 6ft1 child was accused and convicted of being the shooter, planner and mastermind.

Date of Birth 09-09-1994

CASE 2010CR5794B 12-31-2009


These are the other people that I heard or read, that they also said my son had shot a man three times, and that my son was 16. Fact is he didn’t shoot anyone.

And he had just turned 15 years old, a few months before he was arrested.

I’m trying to find help for my beloved son, bryce s vandergrift who is weakening more each day. I fear for his life.

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One thought on “AUTOPSY REPORT: Jan 01-2010

  1. I will continue to try not to say anything, that I cannot back up with official documents.

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