I am in fear for my sons life at. Coffield Unit, TX.


Listen to the Lawyer acknowledge Bryce has serious mental health disorder. Listen to him admit Bryce was manipulated because of his disorder. But inside the court room, this lawyer presented NOTHING in defense for Bryce. Bryce didn’t shoot anyone. And he’s incapable of being a mastermind. 

UPDATE 12-14-2019. 🌟

  • Skyview/Hodges Unit Personnel, removed my sons long time diagnosis of schizophrenia/bipolar and replaced it with major depression/sever psychosis. NOTE: sever psychosis is a symptom of schizophrenia. So he’s back at skyview/hodges getting drugged up, then they will return him to dangerous coffield. 
  • You cannot sleep in that empty bed at Coffield Unit, if you are a G2 with schizophrenia/bipolar. 
  • Coffields strong desire to have my son IS STARTING TO CREEP ME OUT! I believe bryce will get extorted, repeatedly raped & then die. Ombudsman will find no violations. 
  • I believe that my sons SCC state classification code of his mental and medical health, has been downgraded in order to fill an unexpected empty bed at the Coffield Unit Prison, in Anderson county, TX. I also believe his long time G2 good rating has been increased to G4 without justification.

It was May, 2019 Mother’s Day month. I took my credit card and flew out to finally see my world: my son, who was a Monford Unit Psychiatric Facility. I would stay for two weeks. 

Pretty much everyone I encountered treated me with respect. It worked both ways. Looking and listening to my son, I could see that he had significantly deteriorated both Mentally and Physically.

Bryce Is at least 6′1 maybe 6’2.  When he was fifteen he was 6′ ft. He was taller than anyone in the court room, yet the youngest. He had lost a lot of weight. He has a long reach but he doesn’t have any muscle mass. He was obviously on prescriptive drugs that were given to help him. He seemed weak and tired easily.

I was not allowed to hug him or even touch his hand. We visited with a plexiglass between us and talked to one another through a phone. Tears streaming down my face. It had been almost ten years.

He ate the snacks I bought as if he hadn’t eaten in a few days. I’m talking about $20.00 dollars worth for each visit. I was granted extra long visits, I was happy about that.

His skin was the color of milk, almost translucent. His teeth had skrunk to half their size. He seemed smaller, thinner. Still, it was wonderful to finally see him again. I was sad for him and myself but my heart felt good.

What happened before

While Bryce was at Beto unit, he was so gaslite that he had a psychotic break down. He believed certain people on tv were talking to him. He was breaking away from reality. He started to hear voices. The voices cause him believe I was being hurt. He said he heard me crying for him to help me. He believed that I was being extorted. My son was ready to die for me.

He was transferred to Montford Unit. There he was again medicated and treated for these psychiatric problems to include suicidal thoughts. I had received a phone call from a Mr. Stephen Bryant who told me my son needed to be in a safe keeping unit. I was very relieved.  Bryce was sent to the safekeeping prison at Price Daniel Unit.

Within a very short time Bryce was beaten up by some big guy. My son was sent to the emergency room where he was cared for and given liquid stiches on his face. He was sent to Montford Unit again. I asked: “What happened, ALL these years of not fighting?” He told me: “Mom, sometimes in prison you can’t avoid a fight.”  When the guard asked him who started the fight Bryce didn’t answer.

I had every reason to believe he would return to Price Daniel Unit and that the man that put my son in the hospital would have been moved and or warned. But that isn’t what happened.  

I know that Bryce liked that unit. He told me he had more opportunities to go to worship services. While at Price Daniel he had asked me to send some books on bushcraft, surviving and living in the wilderness. He always like that kind of thing, he has extensive knowledge on that subject. He could make formidable Youtube videos.

From Montford to Skyview Unit

Then I stopped hearing from him and stopped getting letters from him. I became concerned again but all I could do was wait. What I didn’t know was that he had been transported to Skyview Unit, which is a psychiatric facility near Beto and Coffield unit. This is where I believe his classification was changed. It appears he has been punished for the fight, that put him in the hospital. He was sent to Coffield.

I believe that minimising his mental health conditions and changing his good conduct rating to a rating that is not factual, is what had to be done in order to have that empty bed in Coffield unit occupied. Over the last few years this units tragic and seemingly avoidable deaths, have been steadily increasing.  Whoes bed was Bryce given?


Almost two weeks ago I started to get a gut wrenching feeling that my son was in danger, that he was going to die. I started researching for information about who I could contact. There’s some more serious stuff on the internet about that unit. It only made matters worse.

I was calling the unit but I wasn’t getting far. So I called every day, sometimes a few times a day. I couldn’t help myself. Each person I talk to, the details about my son were different. He was alive but not doing good.

I was told that he’s in Segregation for two weeks. It’s a more secluded part of the prison. Where your locked in a cell with another person 22 hours a day. I think it’s one of those cells that just have a slit in the door, with limited air flow. I bet those walls radiate the cold from outside. 

One person said Bryce was separated from general population because he was having problems with some inmates. He stating he was in fear of his life. He’ll be sent back there.

Another person told me Bryce was suicidal. Again, my son is no longer equipped to handle these fights or the manipulation. There’s over four thousand inmates at that unit. Price Daniel safekeeping unit had over one thousand.

Is he on his meds?  Or did the declassification stop those? I’m suppose to wait for him to sign release form, before I find out. I’m just trying to help my son.

I kept being told he’s free to call me… Then why hasn’t he? I know something is wrong. I kept calling and finally a person went and got him. He was somewhere with this person and on speaker phone. It was good to hear his voice even though he didn’t sound good at all. He wouldn’t tell the person in the room anything. He didn’t trust them. We talked about him getting into protective custody. He said it isn’t that easy, he tried. I told him I’m going to keep trying to find him help. *So I guess he can call me if he’s in a room with prison personnel? Hmmmm. Something is WRONG.

I started to believe he’s being exhorted, controlled etc all over again. This would explain why I’ve received mail from people in Coffield unit wanting me to write them. One wanting me to be like a mother to him. It breaks my heart but there are rules of respect of another inmates family members.

Prison personnel I think are taught to put it all on the inmate. Oh and tell them to grow up. You could get a beat down going outside. But you still can go. It’s like with the unit having air conditioner. Oh there’s a/c, WE HAVE A/C.  The  inmates don’t and in the winter, all they have a is blanket and a jacket.

Last month I had solicited about six people online that agreed to write to him. I had no shame. The outcome could be good. He wasn’t writing back. That’s not like him. He would write thank you. I knew when I saw him at Montford that he was losing hope. He said so. A letter, a photo, a card could increase his hope.

After talking to the Warden, I started emailing around Texas and sent about five emails to Ombudsman prison liaison office,  who in return told me they will investigate the matter and after Bryce signs a release form, I’ll be mailed via post office, the results. I felt better until I searched the internet and people posted about their own situations and posted that the Ombudsman will side with prisons actions. I feel helpless… so I’m going type, write, send, mail To whom it may concern. What do I do?

Bryce doesn’t know that we have the same fears: fear they’ll add more time, fear he’ll never get out. The fear I’ll be too poor or old to help him. For years now, I’ve been dealing with my own Tourettes Syndrome which errupted at the end of 2013. My tics, twitches are finally mild now. It’s been rough. Ever since he’s been wrongfully convicted, I’ve been walking around with a broken heart. 💔

Kind Regards, 

Bryce S. Vandergrifts M❤M

***01661857 PLEASE RESTORE his G2 rating and place him in Montford Unit or Protective Custody and or return him to a Safekeeping Unit. Return my son tmes:me! Prison is quietly destroying my son. 



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3 thoughts on “I am in fear for my sons life at. Coffield Unit, TX.

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  2. 🌟Just received official response about my letter above and it’s complaints about UTMB personnel at Skyview Unit
    and Coffield Unit… Basically in my opinion and exsperience, those in control over my beloved son, have all the control. What can I do? I’m low income.

    It’s been this way from the start. Bryce was a 15 year old special needs child. he has had an IEP-ARD since kindergarten. He’s been on meds since he was four years old. He did very well on his meds while living here with me in Florida. After his arrest, those in control changed that narrative too. But the forensic psychologists report that was never used, points out the fallacies.

    I wish I never agreed for him to go spend some years in Texas with his father, who has not contacted our son in over seven years. He said if I agree for our son to spend some years with hm in Texas, he would give our son more than I ever could. I was a Veteran on section 8. I wanted Bryce to have more.

    In the court room Bryce was not competent. When ever court records needed to reflect that my mentally ill child now needed to be found a competent, mentally sound and academically intelligent, again, his status in all these areas changed. The same thing happened when he was to be transferred in with adults… suddenly he was cured. And that is what is going on here.

    The status will continue to be updated in order to be in line with the new narrative.
    The goal from the start is the same today… keep prison beds filled.

    🌟 To learn about his case please visit

    🌟 I am searching for a lawyer to work with my son for a writ of habeas corpus. In this case, there are a lot of violations that have nothing to do with the area of mental health. I’m told by the State Rep to look for a lawyer that is licensed in Florida and Texas. He said he will call the original defense lawyer. I haven’t heard back from the state representative.

    If you think you may be interested in joining in to help save Bryce, please contact me,

    please return my son to me so I can get him well again. Mental illness runs in my family.

    Kind Regards. MsPelletier.
    Bryce’s M💔M being Bryce’s mom has been my most value position in my life. My inner pain is deep to the core. My love for my son, outweighs my pain.

    Fred Cantu RIP Much Respect.
    A Navy Veteran.

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  3. I believe a Price Daniel guard didn’t want to deal with Bryce and his mental illnesses. He was missing days of meds due to six inmates wanting his medication. I sent an email at that time to Ombudsman. I told them he was missing taking meds, he was too intimidated to go to pill window. Hedidn’t sound good on phone. I pleaded with Ombudsman that my son needed increase in meds. He has schizophrenia and will start hearing voices. I don’t believe they responded.

    I’m told inmates that do drugs crush up pills and snort them. I was told this is what happened to my son at Price Daniel, but he wouldn’t give up his meds. A guard will instigate an inmate to attack an inmate that guards want moved out.

    Why was Bryce moved and not the big guy? And why was bryce punished for being so beat up he was sent to the emergency? I’m sure on record there’s a reason, but it’s another lie. He was sucker punched over his left eye and he dropped. Then sent to emergency room.

    I think Monsford unit wasn’t willing to fudge Bryce’s paperwork by removing his true diagnosis of schizophrenia, so he was sent to Skyview, from Montford. Bryce has been to Montford at least three times.

    NOTE: I do not have the court transcripts. In 2010I went through opens record formalities more than once via the Governors office, and the DA still denied me the court transcripts. WHY? Because they are filled with lies.

    Texas Prison System is quietly, slowly and systematically killing MY BOY!

    bryce vandergrifts M❤M

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