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Please help save bryce vandergrift. Wrongful conviction


I am bryce’s mother, I am trying to save my son who is now 18. In the mean time I have been being cyberbullied by an adult female for at least 2 years now. I requested to scoopit to please cause her to stop trying to hurt us with her words, post and stop using my sons name as her tags in videos, images, titles, links, that have NOTHING to do with my and I. She advocates for a mothers son who is in the same tragic position as my son. She took a dislike to my story, my son and I. I exspressed toher that advocating is not a competition, it’s not a sport… she continues to cyberbully us. So know that we have nothing to do with her, at this time she is posting in scoopit. I have contacted scoopit and requested their assistance to case this to stop, thus far they have no responded to my emails. adults bully adult, that is a fact.


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