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An Officer wanted the victims wife investigated. Why wasn’t she?

hello, I am bryce’s mother and I’m trying to save my son. Our two main Sites


The only two who had nothing to gain, and who gained nothing. 

I am a six year honorably discharged veteran. It’s been a while but last I remember a Veterans life insurance policy was valued at four hundred thousand dollars. Maybe it was more.

It’s been almost ten years. Bryce is now 25. He’s not doing well. I need help to help him.

In late 2013, I got sick and my own Tourettes Syndrome erupted. The VA meds put me in a fog. I even ended up a homeless veteran. I’m getting well again. I’m trying to help my son. bryce's father

she found my son bryce vandergrift to not be culpable in any part in the case against him, why wasn't her report used to save my son who had just turned 15 years old.


this pic taken early 2010. He turned 15, sept 9 2009. He was 6ft1 the youngest in court room but the tallest. inthiscase  brycevandergriftmother


vvandergrift false confession 

brycevandergrift had failed the 8th  grade,and his IEP had been removedwhy wasn’t my sons defense used?

brycvandergrift                                                                he’s a good soul. I love you son.

I am bryce's mother, I am trying to save my son who is now 18. In the mean time I have been being cyberbullied by an adult female for at least 2 years now. I requested to scoopit to please cause her to stop trying to hurt us with her words, post and stop using my sons name as her tags in videos, images, titles, links, that have NOTHING to do with my and I. She advocates for a mothers son who is in the same tragic position as my son. She took a dislike to my story, my son and I. I exspressed toher that advocating is not a competition, it's not a sport... she continues to cyberbully us. So know that we have nothing to do with her, at this time she is posting in scoopit. I have contacted scoopit and requested their assistance to case this to stop, thus far they have no responded to my emails.   adults bully adult, that is a fact.

I am bryce’s mother, I am trying to save my son who is now 18. he has been in prison since a few months after turning just 15 years old.


Fl church basketball team

antonio and bryce vandergrift, best friends growing up ... antonio misses his best friend, bryce misses his best friend too.

antonio and bryce vandergrift best friends florida with his Mom.

Please help me free bryce. 

I am bryce's mother and I'm trying to save my son.

an officer want the victims wife investigated, there is nothing to show that this was done. As bryce's mother I want to know why?

an officer want the victims wife investigated, there is nothing to show that this was done. As bryce’s mother I want to know why?

bryce was not in aposition to handle defending himself against manipulation.

How could his brain handle defending himself against manipulation? It couldn’t. The confession wasn’t good enough so bryce was made to confess all over again six months after his arrest. 

He was living with his father david l vandergrift in San Antonio, Texas. With his brother brett ryan vandergrift who is almost nine years older. And his step mother patricia rerisi vandergrift had moved out. 

what about bryce

Special needs child alone when he waived his rights. He was covered under disability law.

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2 thoughts on “An Officer wanted the victims wife investigated. Why wasn’t she?

  1. Bryce Vandergrift is advocated by his Mother, Ms. Pelletier.

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  2. Sometimes I get a few negative comments posted. I believe it’s the victims wife. She doesn’t have much of an online footprint. She knows I have documents that point to her. Grace O Cantu.
    This also goes for you Mr. David Vandergrift.

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